Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hong Kong Holiday!!!!! Dec 24th-Dec 31st 2008...Macau Dec 28th....Taiwan Trip Back Home Dec 31st-Jan 26th 2009...

I shall be revealing where i'm going...hahahaha..(i said i would earlier in the week!) I 'm going to spend Christmas in Hong Kong and the NYE (new year's eve) in Taipei..(Taipei 101 to be more specific!! hahahaha) Cool heh?!! But the currency is killing me!!!!!! The Aussie dollar has lost much in its value n i'm losing out BIG-TIME...but what to do..i can't very well cancel my holiday now!!

Anyways, anyone has any recommendations on where to go,etc in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan?? It's my first time to Hong Kong n Macau (well, actually i've been to Hong Kong before but that was like before the age of 10 and i can't hardly remember anything from then!) so tips from anyone would be very helpful indeed! I've been doing my research already n have a rough idea of where to go to but still any suggestions from anyone would be helpful!

Also, if you live in Taiwan, i'd like to know u! If you have the spare time let's meet up! Cos i'll be going down to Neiwan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohshiung, Taitung, and maybe Illan..i'd like to meet people there! Yep, it'll be my first Taiwan ROUND-ISLAND tour!!! I'll be taking the Taiwanese bullet train (which has the same tech as the Japanese shinkansen!) and then taking the old Taiwanese Railway up the East Coast back to Taipei...i can foresee being pretty free in Taipei so if u have read my blog b4 or just passing thru n interested in meeting up, let me know!!

I'd like to meet up with new friends in Taiwan given the time i have there!! It's been 4 yrs since i last visited Taiwan n all my cousins are really big now, all in uni,etc..hahah..i hope to be taken out by them! And then there's the high school n primary (not to forget uni) classmates i hope to meet again after so MANY years (longest being more than 10 yrs!!!!)..i just hope we end up meeting each other...(although i doubt i can meet everyone cos there's already been hiccups now..but i know i have tried my best in any event even if i don't meet them)

Anyways, suggestions n recommendations n people wanting to meet me in Taiwan? hahaha..

PS: Rem the last time in 06 when i was spending christmas in sydney n my mom in hong kong n my brother in london? well, this time, once again, with me being the more oriental one, i'll be spending it in hong kong whilst my brother (whose always been 'western') will be in Paris for Christmas! Its' so cool how I'm always the oriental one (my qipao addiction *hint.hint*) whilst my brother represents the 'western' aspect of our family..heck...even our holiday destinations are like that!! hehehe..

Updates 8/12: Anyone know or can help me find a good cheongsam tailor shop in Hong Kong or Taipei?? It'd be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! PLEASE..i have a couple but i would like to know anyone whom has a recommendation personally cos the shops i have written down now were found on the internet..hahaha..also i got one 車仔麵 recommendation, i love it after having fallen in love with it in melbourne..anyone know of any good 車仔麵店@Hong Kong???

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Foodie Blogs...

I've been reading and surfing food blogs recently, mainly those from Malaysia, but also those from people residing overseas, like me. I've absolutely become hooked! The pixs are all SOOoooooo delicious that it makes me super super hungry!!OMG! The Malaysian bloggers have shown me what delicious food Malaysia can offer...i mean i'm from Penang, so i'd know (being Malaysia's food capital) but there are so many nice food n places i didn't know existed in other parts of Malaysia!!! hehehe~

Anyways, i had started researching on food blogs initially because I am going for a vacation during this Christmas and next January, my first vacation since going bck to Penang (and KL and Melaka) for CNY earlier this yr and I wanted to research on my food options by gathering what other people had recommended in those places...and thats when i became addicted to these food blogs...i've linked them at the side of my blog so if u haven't had a look yet, pls do!! You'd be drooling with hunger once u see all these glorious foodie pictures!!!

PS: I am keeping my holiday destination (or should I say destinations>hehehe...) a secret until sometime later in the week..then later anyone is welcome to give me suggestions on where to go n where to eat or if u live there, even to meet up n be my tour guide!! hahahah~~

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

White Ribbon Campaign n World Aids Day 2008:-)

November 25th, besides being my Birthday, is also a very special day for me. It is the International Campaign by Men to End Men's Violence Against Women. (As a huge big-time feminist) I am very very VERY GLAD that on my birthday, there is such a significant commemorative day on an issue closest to my heart, that, of women.

I especially like how its about MEN taking responsibility in confronting so-called 'women's issues' which is something that the West is to be commended for. Such things like the breast cancer campaigns where in recent yrs i've noticed a marked increase in men's involvement and participation in is simply joyious. It annoys me to no end that whenever 'women's issues' come up, men used to take a backseat and not actively participate in them, thinking it only concerns women when the biggest perpetrators and cause of women's suffering and violence is, no surprise, men.

An instance and something which is a combination of both my passions, the WW2 and Japan issue, and Women's Rights Issue , is the Comfort Women issue. In Japan, at rallies and demonstrations, you can see a sea of women and hardly any Japanese men taking part in them. This, despite the fact that more than 60 years ago, it was Japanese men, well their forefathers, and NOT Japanese women whom raped and abused the countless numbers of Asian women in the Occupied Territories of Japan. It seems like as long as it doesn't affect them, some men, albeit, a decreasing minority, simply do not care about 'women's issues'.

Of course, until it affects them! This is why you see some guys are so homophobic cos the tables have been turned and all of a sudden its the men whom have to endure the occasional perverted gay guy perving up their trousers or the threat of being sexually assaulted by another man. Only THEN, do some guys care, but then again instead of saying its a MALE ISSUE they say its a GAY ISSUE...Stupid n Selfish Brats!..hehehe

anyways, there goes my annual feminist could i end the year without a feminist post heh..hehehehehe...

Anyways, on to the other issue....this year marks the 20th Anniversary of World Aids Day which started in 1988 (Dec 1st every year)..i've been reading that the HIV infection rates have been increasing every year and its shocking..i read somewhere online, what-oh-what would i do without the internet, that the HIV population in Malaysia is something close to 10% of the population and i'm like WHAT?!! Its got to be wrong that statistic...(although if anyone rems, i did a very personal post on World Aids Day last yr on someone quite close to me dying of AIDS..yes AIDs finally had a face to me..) And the rise has been attributed to all the 'old' causes of drug needle sharing, unsafe sex amongst heterosexuals and unsafe sex amongst gay men. In fact, if the rates of infection continues to rise within the homosexual male community at the current rate, it'd not be long before 10-20% of the gay male population would all be HIV positive in less than 10 yrs time..

I heard in Thailand, this is ALREADY the case with something like 10% of all gay men being HIV positive.. a truly shocking figure if u think about it!!

Please please please protect urself people AND your partners...cos u simply don't wanna die for a simply isn't worth it:)

World Aids Day:
White Ribbon Campaign in Australia:
Office of Women, CW Government:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My 25th Birthday!!!!!:-)

Wish me Happy B'Day Guys n Gals...Hahahahaha...gosh...time flies doesn't it?! Another year has passed since my 24th n I'm not getting any younger!!!:)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Barack Obama, The Next U.S. President: Hope & Change We Can Believe


I am so glad that Barack Obama has won the Presidential Elections in the U.S. Quite frankly, i felt he was gonna win anyways=) I mean seriously, what with an 70 plus opponent with a dim-wit half baked vp in tow (i'm referring to Sarah Palin here, the lady from Alaska anyone?) it wasn't like the competition was much in the 1st place.

I feel he is an intelligent, eloquent, well-read, worldly, and genuinely down-to-earth guy whom young people and the average person down the street can relate to. I also really liked the way he managed his campaign and how he handled the campaign finances,etc. I felt that he ran a great positive-oriented campaign as compared to the other candidates whom resorted to low-level fear-mongering tactics such as viciously attacking their opponents and funding rumors such as a particular candidate being a 'Muslim' or a particular candidate being 'unpatriotic'.

I personally liked the way Barack Obama carried himself and the campaign and was always positive in its messages and more focused on what he was going to do if elected President as opposed to constantly attacking his opponents and creating scare messages such as those seen by particularly Hillary Clinton and her campaign. I was initially quite supportive of Hillary's candidacy but then she got nasty and used the same-old scare tactics that have been used in the past with her 3am ad and other ads scaring voters into thinking that the world was a dangerous place and that electing Barack Obama would make America a less safe place as opposed to electing her.

I mean I hated the way that Hillary used the fact that she was a woman to her advantage unfairly and she kept insinuating that the only reason she was behind in the popular votes as well as delegates awarded was because she was a woman. Even in her concession speech she spoke about having broken and shattered some glass ceiling almost as if her not having won the nomination as the Democrat Presidential Nominee was because she was a woman. I mean hello? Does she not know that her opponent, Barack Obama, is a mixed race (Black) man? And black people have historically been discriminated and oppressed in America and that they once were even slaves in America? I would have bought the 'patriarchal' arguement if Hillary's opponent was some rich white guy from the mid-west or something but not when it is another person from a historically disadvantaged group. I mean Obama was even raised in a single parent household which is even more incredible that some would say that he only got where he is because he is who he is....a black man from a single parent household? oh come on...pleeeeaseeeee....

And I also disliked Hillary when she lied about the 'Bosnia' incident and coming under sniper fire and also her insinuating that obama could be assassinated and thats why she was still in the running during the democratic presidential nomination race even though she was clearly behind on all counts....and I am saying this being a staunch feminist and pro-women in every conceivable way (heck! I've even been attacked and annoyed many guys whom say i'm waaay too biased against menfolk...when it comes to the gender conversation...)

I think Obama was clearly the one whom was more qualified than Hillary (even her management of her finances left much to be desired...she ran up a huge campaign debt, not to mention what it'd be like if they left America's finances in her hands...i mean if u can't even manage a Presidential Campaign properly, how could you manage the country's affairs and financial affairs without running into debt??)

As for John McCain and Sarah Palin, I mean need I say more? They were such weak opponents to Obama that I'm abit surprised that the GOP would have chosen them as the Republican ticket for President. I mean McCain is way too old being over 70 years old now and Palin is such a ditz and totally unqualified to become VP much less the President, should McCain die or suffer a stroke in the next 4 yrs should he be elected as President...I'm sure everyone has seen Palin's disastrous media interviews on youtube by now? I had so much fun seeing it and thinking how unbelievable it is that she should have been picked as the VP nominee for the Republicans...i mean did they not see how unqualified she was for the position? If they've properly vetted her, then i'd be seriously thinking about reviewing the vetting system for the Republican party and McCain's judgement.

Even the comparison of McCain's, Hillary Clinton's, and Barack Obama's spouses shows to me which is more suitable (at least I'd personally prefer to see as First Lady or Man) to be the First Lady/Husband of the President.
My reasons : Cindy McCain is your oh-so-typical blonde wife with botox injected face that i'm just sick and tired of seeing another typical First Lady like that...i've heard her speak and its not very different from past First Ladies (=boring) and she doesn't seem to be very intelligent ( not to say she's dumb, just that her competitor Michelle Obama is so much more intelligent and more capable) . As for Bill Clinton, well, he is your typical guy who had an affair with some secretary or intern, or you know, whatever, the lady whom is subordinate to the man in the workplace but always around him? typical...I frankly don't want a lying cheating husband (he lied to both Hillary and the public about his affair with Lewinsky initially) to be the next First Husband of America.
Now..Michelle Obama, she's an intelligent and bright woman whom can stand on her two feet and has an independent mind of her own. She is an ivy league graduate and has worked for large law corporations and still has some important job at some big hospital in Chicago if i'm not mistaken...furthermore, she speaks so powerfully just like her husband that much of my support for Obama actually can be traced to his impressionable wife....i still remember one speech from Michelle Obama early on in the campaign when obama was the underdog and it deeply touched me and resonated with something within me...(link here: I personally liked the campaign theme which was central in Obama's Presidential Campaign which was: 'Hope' and 'Change'.

I personally feel that all human beings, all people, deep within themselves, still believe nevertheless in the dual concepts of 'Hope' and 'Change' (especially hope) and that hope is possible and change is possible. I feel that whatever it is, Obama's campaign message had struck a chord in people's minds and hearts (including mine) that hope was possible and that change would inevitably come, however dark and hopeless the situation may be.

I also liked Obama's 'A More Perfect Union' Speech in which he confronted the controversy and white elephant in the room issue of race relations in America (more specifically the Blacks and Whites issue in America) (link: )

I really liked his frankness and candidness in addressing this sensitive topic with such grace and eloquence.

Another thing i like about Obama is the fact that he comes from such a multi-cultural background and has such life experiences and wordly knowledge of the world that none of the other candidates have. I mean just looking at Obama's family shows the multi-cultural nature of his background. He himself is mixed race, a bringing together of white and black, with a Kenyan father and a mother from Kansas. I like the fact that he has embraced the black side of himself by visiting his ancestral motherland of Kenya in his younger days, never looking down on that aspect of his heritage. I also liked the fact that his half-sister is of mixed Indonesian-White parentage and that he has lived in a Muslim South East Asian country before in his childhood years. It gets even better, his brother in law is pure ethnic Chinese background (Canadian i think?) and he has spent his most important formative years and adolescent years in Hawaii, a state well known for its Asian connection, having the largest Asian population by percentage compared to all other states in America. For an East Asian/a South-East Asian ethnic Chinese, Obama's connection to Asia thru his half-sister (half-Indonesian), his brother in law (Canadian-Chinese) and his own childhood experiences in Indonesia, is clearly a plus point for me in his favour.

If Americans had elected either Hillary Clinton, or John McCain, it would have been a white fest at the Presidential Election night with your typical all-white family (ok almost...i think McCain has a non-white adoptive daughter...not sure) whereas i really liked the scene at election night with Biden and Obama's family coming on and you could see black people and white people and Asian people, all hand in hand...what a historic-making scene that was...

As for all the accusations heaped against Obama during the campaign, I think they were all pure nonsense and plain silly at best. I mean the 'elitist' comment and 'ayers' accusation was simply silly considering how Obama came from a single parent family and had financial difficulties in his early years (and considering the stash of wealth which the McCains and Clintons own) and the age of Obama during Ayers time as a terrorist....

Anyway, here's to Obama and Biden winning the US Presidential Election and here's to the renewed faith in America, Americans values of democracy and justice, and the American Dream that a single-mom raised black man from Hawaii without the finances and political connections which his old-politics opponents have, can rise to become the next American President.

The election of Obama as President of America has shown the world that America is not as racist as the world perceives it to be, that democracy and justice still works, and that it raises the question of the racism of other countries (whom regularly criticise America for being a nation of racist) and whether they would have elected a minority race as President of their country and, if not, what that reflects about racism in their own country??

Much more importantly, the election of Barack Obama against all odds (and there were many) proves to the world and America that anything is possible, that anyone has the opportunity to achieve and that there can be faith in the possibility of change, in the possibility of hope, and more importantly, in the Audacity of Hope.

SMH Good Food Month Oct-Nov 2008 at Hyde Park...雪梨早报美食月'08...シドニーモーニングヘラルドーの美食月'08..

I went to the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month last month which is like this month-long food fest held in Sydney annually...its like really really nice and held in Hyde Park North with lanterns and a liveband, etc...i chanced upon it last year and was waiting for it to happen again this was really nice with live art performances and even some Chinese lion dance performance as i went to the Asian Night Noodle Market (which is supposed to emulate the nightmarkets (or as we malaysians call it: the 'pasar malam' found in Asia) ). It was held over four nights and was simply wonderful...then i went again to the Sydney Food and Wine Festival 2008 in early November which was like the 'finale' event of the Good Food Month and so that was good..but i didn't realise that it was held to raise funds for AIDS Charity Foundation and boy oh boy, there were like sooooo many gay boys and men on that day! I arrived expecting it to be like any normal average event of the GFM but it turned out to be quite a 'gay event' (if u know what i mean) i reckon half the men there were gay just going by my now more attuned 'gay-dar' (and so many were so obvious..either really queeny or had such great bodies in these skin tight tops) I asked my friend what he thought (he's gay btw) and i forgot what he said but i clearly was abit surprised..hahaha..anyways the food was so overprized and you had to buy coupons for food n drinks...not really worth it, thought it was a nice day to be out at the park with a joyous and relaxed and not to mention, very gay crowd...haha..
Pics at my online personal photo album:)~~~on the right hand side of this blog..

Monday, November 03, 2008

A Day in the Park...在赫德公园的一日.....ハイドーパークの一日

I spent a day in the park (by park, i mean Hyde Park, Sydney's main CBD park akin to NYC's Central Park right in the centre of Sydney) and took some photos of the annual Sydney Life Exhibition which is held there once a year where they invite photographers, professional or amateur to submit photos of Sydney life (any aspect) and chosen works will then be blown up and displayed in the surrounds of Hyde Park North Avenue.

I submitted two photos as well this yr after coming across it last yr and deciding that i would join this year, needless to say, i wasn't chosen, :( hahaha...which was to be expected given my total lack of any photography skills or experience to speak of!!

Anyways, i'll let the photos do the talking for was a nice and wonderful way to spend a weekend afternoon after doing my groceries and walking home..:)

PS: More pix on my online personal photo album on the right-hand side

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sydney Open '08...

I attended the Sydney Open '08, held once every two years where buildings around Sydney of significant historical, cultural, social, architectural, or any other margin of significance throws open their doors and welcomes visitors and residents of Sydney to visit them and get to know more about the city of Sydney. These buildings would normally not be accessible to the public or would only be open partially to the public, but during Sydney Open, the places which are not usually accessible eg. bank vault area, would be open for visitation upon by the public. I was very lucky that i knew about this event as i subscribe to the City of Sydney Events email newsletter (so its useful after all!! not just junk as i initially thought it'd be!!) and found out about it there...anyways around 50 or so buildings were open and participating and i only managed to go to 9 or 10 of them cos its a once off 9am-5pm event and u just couldn't possibly cover all of the venues. Very insightful and well-worth the time...i didn't even know Sydney had so many architectural wonders within the city...i definitely liked St Mary's Cathedral alot, it felt so holy-like and peaceful there, not to mention the amazing interior/exterior architecture which felt like some place in Europe and not Sydney!! I'm serious!!! Anyways, more photos at my online photo place on the right...enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Melbourne Trip 2008 =D..重访墨尔本2008年...再びメルボルン2008年の旅...

Above: Is there a 'QuanJude' in melbourne now??!! Thats the same name as the famous Beijing establishment world-renowned for its 'Peking Duck'....

Above: New Melbourne development...

Above: Famous cheese-sticks...

Above: Skybus into the city....
Above: Entering departure area. I think these are Qantas pilots...

I went back for a visit to Melbourne during the long weekend here in was the first time back to Melbourne for me since i moved up to Sydney in 2006. I missed it dearly and enjoyed going back to some places i used to visit during my uni days and also got the chance to visit Melbourne Uni and the law faculty building again as well as made the effort to revisit my highschool in Melbourne, where i spent my first year in Melbourne studying Yr12...didn't get enough time though and missed out on going to Brunswick St, Smith Street, and having gelato and MOST importantly, durian ice-cream at il dolce freddo on lygon st ( i had dinner at lygon, just realised on the last night that the ice-cream stores close on mondays!) that was a pity..oh well..there's always next time heh?

I got to meet and take a photo of my Yr12 Legal Studies teacher, i was surprised that many of my Yr12 teachers were still teaching there, after 7 years!!! The law faculty building looked the same as it was 2 yrs ago but the law library added new on-the-wall screens and changed the entire special loans area as well as changed the entrance by making the once-exit only into the entrance AND exit and blocking off the old entrance...

It was pretty nostalgic and i made it to the NAB-sponsored Dreams Festival which was on the weekend that i was i got to see the absolutely amazing and dream-like fireworks at close range near the banks of the Yarra River and it was one of the highlights of my melbourne trip! There were also art displays and floats on the Yarra River that night at the Dream Festival which was simply fantastic...oh yeah, and i got to do a walking trip down Chapel Street, Melbourne's premier shopping strip and had dinner at TGI Fridays there...was good.

Met up with old friends and classmates, some of whom i hadn't seen since 7 years back so it was pretty nostalgic...

I managed to visit Great Space Cafe on Collin Street , my favourite cafe during ALL my yrs in melbourne (where they arguably serve the best bacon n eggs n ice choc n friand )and walk up beautiful Collins St, visit Victoria St for the famous Vietnamese Noodle soup at Yong Kei, walk the beautiful Melbourne gardens for which it is famous for, had pizza at the late-night pizza place near flinders sta., and visited a pub in the cbd cos i was bumming at a friend's place on the first night there....and of cos melbourne has THE best shopping (NOW i appreciate how much better shopping, esp small-lane shopping, is in melbourne compared to sydney)....sigh..i love melbourne:-)

However, there were also major upsets during this trip there, the full list of which i shall not say here, suffice to say that i missed my flight on the first day and had to spend money on ANOTHER ticket on Qantas Airlines and also i lost my house keys as well whilst over there....but then the good thing which came out from the Qantas flight (my first time on Qantas mind you; in all my years in Australia)was that i happened to chat with this lady sitting next to me and she happened to be the little girl in the very first Vegemite commercial back in the 50s (or was it 60s??) was so cool, she was being paid to attend this special Kraft event celebrating i dun know how many years of the discovery of vegemite; so that was really really cool..she has been interviewed for the nightly news and women's magazines n i thought it was pretty cool to be sitting next to this mini-celebrity and what more iconic of Australia than the vegemite?!

Above: Famous and delicious Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup on Victoria Street..

Above: The iconic Melbourne Central clocktower area where people meet up with me..haha.

Anyways, it was great visiting Melbourne again.....
Ps; more photos on my online photo album link on the right-hand side...
i miss melbourne :D

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taiwan Pride 2008+Taiwan Politics 2008....

Above: Gay men in skimpy swimming trunks parade along a busy Taipei street...i think the impact of them parading on the streets with buses and vehicle passengers driving past is great as it influences mainstream society into accepting, or at least, starting a conversation on gays and lesbians in Taiwan...imagine a family in a car or friends passing by seeing this, its bound to start a discussion on gays which is always a good thing..even just discussing it..
Above: 'Waterboys'..always a highlight of the Taipei Pride as you get to see hunks in trunks...hehe...

Above: 'One Mother is Good. Two Mothers is even Better' .

Above: More 'Waterboys'...

Above: Tongzhi (Gay) Hotline...with Taipei 101 in the background... (The Above 5 photos come from a blogger who was there at the parade)

Above: Malaysian participants at the Taipei Pride 2008.

Above: Rainbow Flag along Taipei's busiest stretch...ZhongXiao East Road Sec. 4

Taipei held its 6th annual Pride Parade on September 27th themed 'Run the Rainbow Way' and it was reported that 18,000 people attended. Taiwan's pride parade which started in 2003 and has grown steadily since then in both diversity and participants, is now not only the biggest pride parade in the Chinese-speaking world (China does not have any pride parades and Hong Kong's is very small...) but also is Asia's largest LGBT pride parade (yes! its actually larger than the one in Tokyo and even Asia's gay capital Bangkok!)...this year there has been more emphasis on diversity within the LGBT community including highlighting bisexuals and trangendered people.

The spanish movie 'Queens' also opened in Taiwanese cinemas to coincide with the pride parade showing the visibility of the pride parade nowadays considering how the movie was made in 2004 and cinema owners are open enough to decide to screen a gay-themed movie to coincide with the parade.
Youtube Video of Taipei LGBT Parade 2008:

Taiwan Politics October Rant:

I wanted the DPP to win but the KMT won instead in Taiwan's Presidential Elections early this year....this meant that Taiwan only experienced 8 years of rule under a different government and reverted to KMT rule once again which has ruled it since 1949.
Anyways, the economy hasn't improved since Mr.Ma came into power (one of his key campaign pledges was to give Taiwan a 6% economic growth rate and turn around the economy which had been faltering under the DPP govt..) and now the KMT have revised their pledge and said that 6% economic growth is unlikely to be achieved until the END of Mr.Ma's presidential term, which means in 4 years this is party which sought to present itself as the economic wizkids of Taiwan as opposed to the DPP which was presented as lacking economic credentials..

And one thing which piss me off alot is the KMT emphasis on closer economic ties with China. It says the future of Taiwan lies in closer ties with China and wants to put all its eggs in the one basket, China. This makes Taiwan extremely vulnerable and is in effect eroding Taiwan's bargaining power with China as it becomes increasingly reliant on China's economy for its own survival. One must remember that the highest period of economic growth for Taiwan was during the 1980s and 1990s before China became a financial and political giant in Asia and it did fine without China's economy. I don't see whats different now. I mean of course trading with China is desirable but one must remember that Taiwan and China have a 'special relationship' which means that unlike other countries, Taiwan must actually rely LESS on China's economy, not more!

Many KMT supporters will cite China's large economy, its financial prowess, and the need for Taiwan to reap benefits from China's still growing economy, but lets not forget that other countries in Asia such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, also rely on trade with China to boost their GDP growths BUT do not argue that they must rely on China's economy solely to boost domestic growth, which is one you hear incessantly from pro-reunification and KMT people and supporters...i think at the heart of it is an arguement based on emotional terms rather economic terms, that China and Taiwan are inherently one and the same race and culture and thus a tight economic cooperation between the two is desirable.

And then Mr.Ma, in an interview with a Mexican paper, said that China and Taiwan are both 'regions' of China which means that Taiwan is NOT a country but merely a 'region' of some kind of delusional cold-war era concept of 'China' which Mr.Ma and the rest of the KMT call the Republic of China (ROC)...basically the KMT and Mr.Ma are now REGRESSING (make no mistake about that!!!) back to cold-war era mentality whereby 'China' means the 'Republic of China' and the ROC means BOTH China AND Taiwan and the PRC (the Beijing government) has no legitimate claims over 'China' and is renegade government!

Mr.Ma's only logical conclusion is thus this:

The Republic of China is the only legitimate government over the WHOLE of China including the mainland AND Taiwan. The PRC Communist government which has been ruling China since 1949 DOES NOT REALLY exist.

Taiwan is a part of the ROC. It is thus not a country of itself but is the 'Taiwan region' of the ROC whilst China is the 'mainland region' of the ROC.

This is of cos bullocks and total BS given the reality that the PRC Communist government is now recognised as the only sole legal government of the whole of China by every (almost) nation on earth AND is also the holder of a permanent security council seat at the UN.

By lowering Taiwan's status to that of a mere 'region' and with the reality that the whole world now only recognises the Beijing CCP government as the sole government of China, do you think anyone in the world, including the CCP in Beijing, would not take that to mean that Taiwan is indeed a mere 'region' (like Hong Kong and Macao) of the People's Republic of China??!

I think Mr.Ma has too much historical baggage and is still living in the cold war era of 'Free China' (meaning Taiwan) and 'Red China' (meaning mainland China)....its so silly and offensive that i simply dun know whether to laugh or cry...

Under Lee Teng Hui and the DPP, there was already a healthy trend towards asserting Taiwan's distinctiveness and culture called 本土化 'Localisation'. I think this was a natural and necessary step considering the current trend worldwide of indigenous culture appreciation and localisation be it from Australia's emphasis on Aboriginal culture in its identity-forming process to Japan's recent recognisation of its Ainu people as an official indigenous people to Malaysia and Singapore's culture of lahs and Malaysian and Singaporean English which only made Taiwan's emphasis of its indigenous roots only the more inevitable. From Lee Teng Hui's 特别国与国关系 'special state-to-state' relations in characterising Taiwan-China relations to former President Chen's characterisation of Taiwan-China relations as 一边一国 'one side one country' i have always felt that the DPP were much more willing to accept reality and the actual on- the-ground reality that Taiwan is already an independent country and the ROC no longer controls mainland China. The DPP have always recognised the CCP Communist government as the only legitimate government in China whilst the KMT has refused to do so.
And now Mr.Ma has regressed ALL the way BACK to cold war era characterisations of Taiwan being 台湾地区 'the Taiwan region' and mainland China being 大陆地区 'the Mainland China region' of the Republic of China. Mr.Ma said he respects democracy and the Taiwanese people's right to choose either independence or reunification with China. can you choose independence when you're merely a region of the ROC and the ROC government is in Taipei?! If Taiwan became independent, where would the KMT/ROC govt go?? (cos the DPP don't really say they're part of the ROC) Certainly not back to Nanjing or Beijing cos the CCP government is there...then where??
The KMT people hide behind the Constitution which characterises the Taiwan-China relationship as one between regions of the ROC..this shows that the Taiwanese Constitution has to be changed urgently because it is totally unreflective of post-cold war realities and the reality that the CCP government has been ruling China since 1949 and that the PRC has existed since 1949 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Taiwan has been an independent nation state since 1949, separate from China, and never was the myth which the KMT government conjured up to legitimise its rule on Taiwan, being 'Free China'.

So lets see what nonsense Mr.Ma spews up next time and whether the economy will truly become better as espoused all along during the campaign by the KMT and Mr.Ma or that its all empty promises by the KMT.......

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2008...中秋節快楽!

Wishing Everyone a very Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2008...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Sydney Biennale 2008...雪梨双年展 2008.....シドニーバイアヌアル2008....

As one should be aware by now, I'm always keen and ready to visit the latest exhibition at the art gallery or at some convention...and so I managed to catch the Sydney Biennale 2008 on its last day on the weekend...its held at a couple of locations around Sydney CBD and I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art as well as Cockatoo Island (yes! one of the venues was actually on an island and u had to take a 15 min free ferry shuttle service from Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour to the remote island which used to be a detention facility for criminals and convicts.)

I particularly enjoyed the Cockatoo Island venue though i'd never go back there again! Cos it was really eery with the art exhibitions and instalments placed within the abandoned buildings and sheds and tunnels running through the small island...many exhibits were held in dark sheds with no lighting...and many places were really dark and creepy;(
On the other hand, it was a fantastic experience being able to visit an island to see an art festival and walk through art instalments on an abandoned industrial/detention site...i think it was actually my 1st time to visit an abandoned industrial site in my whole time in Australia and definitely the first time for me to see such an art festival on an island as opposed to in a museum or art gallery!!

And I shall also be visiting another Biennale in a few months time (its in my plan anyway) at a different city somewhere in Asia...that would mean 2 Biennales in the space of less than 4 months...heheheh...

PS: Whilst going to the MCA, I encountered a big crowd surrounding a was one of those street performances again which are commonplace around Sydney (especially the tourist-packed areas)...decided to stay and have a look given the large turned out to be a British woman here trying to earn some extra cash and she was to fit herself into a small glass cubicle....well what followed turned out to be extremely interesting it seemed...and NOT for the performance itself but her hilarious sexually-loaded jokes as she was preparing to perform the act...first she said to this lad (very good looking i may add, he's mate (or partner??) was too...) asking if he was 'with' the other guy whom was with him..and asking to 'borrow him'...hhhmmmm..kinda weird dun u think? ...she then had another male volunteer from the audience to come up so there were 2 in total...she asked one to hold open the glass lid and the cute one to bend down on all fours to act as a platform for her to climb up and into the cubicle...she said whist she was doing this 'have you done this before?' and the audience let out a laugh..she too..haha...we all knew what she was referring to...and then she pushed it further by saying if he were to go to prison, he would find himself in that position again since he's so such a handsome lad..yes! those were her own words...she then asked one of the volunteers to kiss her for goodluck on the cheeks n when he approached her to kiss her she suddenly kissed him on the front of his pregnant wife...hahaha...she did ask the crowd to give the wife a round of applause for being a good sport and allowing her to kiss her husband n even more, she said he must be 'loaded' after asking if the guy's wife was pregnant..hehe...she was so funny...

Bondi-Coogee Coastal Walk..Simply Amazing!!....邦迪至库及沙滩沿海道之旅...バンダイークウギイーの歩き道

Above: The day happened to be the Sydney City 2 Surf Marathon Fun Walk i think...and the guy is dressed up as a ninja turtle with green stockings...prob gay, hahaha...dun ask me why..

Above: The View Along the Coastal Walk

Above: The Stadium at Olympic Park...

Above: My footprints along Bondi Beach. Leaving my mark...hehehe

My cousin (the half-hk one) came over to sydney to visit last month from his working holiday in nz and I took him around after work and during weekends...brought him to all the usual suspects such as Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Sydney Opera House,etc...but the one place i discovered whilst researching on where to bring him was the supposedly famous Bondi-Coogee Coastal Walk...i hadn't been this was a perfect chance to go...its a 6km walk along the coast from Bondi Beach all the way to Coogee Beach, passing Tamarama Beach, Bronte Beach, and other coastal suburbs...I greatly enjoyed it and it takes roughly 2 hrs to complete...very walkable in my opinion...those who come to Sydney and have the spare time should consider trying it out, very worth your time, believe me!!

I also discovered the Royal Botanic Gardens, which is beside the Art Gallery of NSW (one of my favourite haunts nowadays..hehe...i've always had the art genes in me..) and the views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House from the REG is simply spell-binding to say the least!!
Another place I went to during my cousin's stay in Sydney was the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains (which was really not very exciting..though i enjoyed the small town feel of Leura first trip to rural NSW if i remember correctly...) and also the Sydney Olympic Park where the Sydney Olympic Games of 2000 were held...i enjoyed the place greatly...we were on a tour group and so had a quick drive thru complete with guided information by the tour guide...

Was a wonderful time spending time with my cousin on his this trip here...we also caught the Beijing Olympics Opening ceremony together, though, he dosed off after 30mins and i after an hour and a half or so...haha...cos we still had to wake up early the next morning for our Blue Mountains day tour...

More pix at my online photo album...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Merdeka 51st Birthday Malaysia!!!

Above: Iban National Costume, one of the ethnic costumes of Malaysia...

Above: I love the new Malaysian Airline tagline...: "More than just an airline code;MH is Malaysian Hospitality" heh??

Above: Bringing a little bit of Penang hawker fare to Sydney .....

Above: Someone whom obviously loves his country alot:)
More Pix on my Online Photo Album at the Right Hand Side...

Happy 51st Merdeka Day Malaysia!! Today marks the 51st Anniversary of Independence Day for Malaysia (Malaysia gained its independence in 1957). I spent it at the Malaysia Fest at Darling Harbour(or as it is also known:M-Fest)...apparently its held annually but i only knew about it this year......
It was a fantastic way to spend the Merdeka Day Independence and I thoroughly enjoyed it...there was fantastic Malay, Indian, and Chinese Dance as well as a fashion show showcasing the myriad of traditional costumes found in Malaysia...(personally, i found the highlights to be the Indian dance and the traditional costume fashion show;)
The food was ok, but then again, nothing beats the good ol' fare you can find back home in Malaysia, not least its culinary capital of Penang (my hometown,hehe)...

So...Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia!!!~~~

Update 9/9/08: Anwar Ibrahim of the Pakatan Rakyat (Malaysian Opposition Alliance) has won the by-election at Permatang Pauh....this has catapulted him back into Malaysia's parliament and also paves the way for him to set up a new government (if it happens, it'd be the first time that Malaysia has had a change of government since gaining its independence in 1957!) . He'd have to persuade around 30 odd legislators to defect from the ruling Barisan Nasional alliance coalition to the Opposition by September 16 (his set date to form a new government). He has already declared that if he were to become the next PM, he would dismantle the NEP policy (the preferential treatment for majority muslim malays policy in force since the early 70s) and set up a new system based on needs and merit covering all races...hoorah...long overdue. I hope he wins...but even if not, its fine too, just means that the opposition gets more time to practice governing the five important states they currently already hold;)