Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sydney Open '08...

I attended the Sydney Open '08, held once every two years where buildings around Sydney of significant historical, cultural, social, architectural, or any other margin of significance throws open their doors and welcomes visitors and residents of Sydney to visit them and get to know more about the city of Sydney. These buildings would normally not be accessible to the public or would only be open partially to the public, but during Sydney Open, the places which are not usually accessible eg. bank vault area, would be open for visitation upon by the public. I was very lucky that i knew about this event as i subscribe to the City of Sydney Events email newsletter (so its useful after all!! not just junk as i initially thought it'd be!!) and found out about it there...anyways around 50 or so buildings were open and participating and i only managed to go to 9 or 10 of them cos its a once off 9am-5pm event and u just couldn't possibly cover all of the venues. Very insightful and well-worth the time...i didn't even know Sydney had so many architectural wonders within the city...i definitely liked St Mary's Cathedral alot, it felt so holy-like and peaceful there, not to mention the amazing interior/exterior architecture which felt like some place in Europe and not Sydney!! I'm serious!!! Anyways, more photos at my online photo place on the right...enjoy!!

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