Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Petronas Chinese New Year: Old Folk's:)

Petronas Chinese New Year Old Folks Home Ad- An old Petronas ad from a few years meaningful! Love the Malaysian Hokkien spoken here too!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Sheep!!:) And Japan After a Decade:)

It's been another year since I last blogged...I would like to wish everyone a very happy Chinese/Lunar New Year!!:) May you all have peace, prosperity, good health & wealth in the year ahead:)

I'm going to Japan after a decade in 3 weeks time (off for a 3 weeks long holiday to China and Japan!) and this blog started in Japan as a record of my time spent there as a Japanese language exchange student. It's been 10 years since I've returned to Japan and thus this blog is having its 10th year anniversary this year! I've been really lazy this few years to update anything but am glad this blog is still around on its 10th year anniversary:)

I will be going to China's historically beautiful Jiangnan area of Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Ningbo first for 1 week plus and then off to Tokyo and Hokkaido for 2 weeks:) I really love going to China and travelling there learning about its culture,history,food, and people and can't wait to return since my last trip.

Will update everyone on my Japan (and China!) trip when I get back!!:)

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'Love Letter' (1995)- This movie came out in early 1995 and was very popular throughout Asia at the time. It was shot in a small town in Hokkaido called 'Otaru' which I'll be visiting whilst in Hokkaido (for the first time! yay!) for my Japan trip:) This visit would be exactly 20 years since the film came out! Can't wait!