Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SMH Good Food Month Oct-Nov 2008 at Hyde Park...雪梨早报美食月'08...シドニーモーニングヘラルドーの美食月'08..

I went to the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month last month which is like this month-long food fest held in Sydney annually...its like really really nice and held in Hyde Park North with lanterns and a liveband, etc...i chanced upon it last year and was waiting for it to happen again this year..it was really nice with live art performances and even some Chinese lion dance performance as i went to the Asian Night Noodle Market (which is supposed to emulate the nightmarkets (or as we malaysians call it: the 'pasar malam' found in Asia) ). It was held over four nights and was simply wonderful...then i went again to the Sydney Food and Wine Festival 2008 in early November which was like the 'finale' event of the Good Food Month and so that was good..but i didn't realise that it was held to raise funds for AIDS Charity Foundation and boy oh boy, there were like sooooo many gay boys and men on that day! I arrived expecting it to be like any normal average event of the GFM but it turned out to be quite a 'gay event' (if u know what i mean) i reckon half the men there were gay just going by my now more attuned 'gay-dar' (and so many were so obvious..either really queeny or had such great bodies in these skin tight tops) I asked my friend what he thought (he's gay btw) and i forgot what he said but i clearly was abit surprised..hahaha..anyways the food was so overprized and you had to buy coupons for food n drinks...not really worth it, thought it was a nice day to be out at the park with a joyous and relaxed and not to mention, very gay crowd...haha..
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