Sunday, March 08, 2015

Happy International Women's Day!!!;) 國 際 婦 女 節 快 樂 !!!:)

 Just in case ppl think feminism and women's rights is an outdated issue since women already are 'equal' to men; Some statistics below: 

Globally, women make up less than 20% of company boards and less than 25% of parliaments, with there being millions (yes,millions!) of missing girls and gender ratio disproportion in countries like India and China due to gender selection abortions. 1/3 of all women would have experienced either sexual assault, harrassment, or violence in their lifetimes. At least 1 woman dies every week in Australia due to intimate partner/ex-partner murder. 

I really will start doing something concrete this year on women's issues after so many failed attempts! 

Some Personal Favourite Quotes:
'A Slut is a Woman with a Man's Morals'
'Women can only have it all when Men Stop Having It All'
'A Woman's Called a Bitch, Bossy,etc when she IS the Boss. A Male Boss is Called Disciplined, Decisive, Strong, Showing Leadership Skills.'

Anyways, Happy International Women's Day Everyone!!:) Lets all strive for a better, more just, world, for everyone, including half the population of the world!!:)

ps: some more thoughts on the many Asian countries, the official retirement age for women is earlier than for men leading to the accepted but ridiculous situation whereby women, known to statistically out-live men by 5-10 years actually are stopped from working EARLIER than men meaning financial difficulties later on in life for elderly women, especially those whom don't have a partner's income to fall back on such as single women and widowed women. Also, another often talked about issue is child care access for working women. This is all fine and great and should make more progress but why is it always that any discussion of childcare is seen as a 'working woman's' issue and men and fathers are never part of the discussion??? It's almost as if child-care is seen as a woman's issue exclusively. I mean this is directly related to the above quote of mine 'Women can only have it all when Men stop having it All'. Having a child and marriage doesn't seem to impede at all a man's career progression, if anything, it adds points to his career (he's a responsible man, a family man,etc,etc,etc) despite the fact that men do less house work, child rearing duties,etc as compared to women in families. In contrast, getting married and especially having a child is seen as a direct impediment to a woman's career and she is perceived to be not as committed and able to progress further in her career. I think only when men start taking time off or leaving early from work for child-rearing duties, and shouldering more of the burden off women in child and domestic duties can women 'have it all'. Besides, thats what vast majorities of women have been doing for centuries, being the full-time domestic home-maker so that their men can focus fully on their careers without having to worry about whether nappies have been changed, children picked up from school, or PTA meetings.

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear some from readers.:)