Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Foodie Blogs...

I've been reading and surfing food blogs recently, mainly those from Malaysia, but also those from people residing overseas, like me. I've absolutely become hooked! The pixs are all SOOoooooo delicious that it makes me super super hungry!!OMG! The Malaysian bloggers have shown me what delicious food Malaysia can offer...i mean i'm from Penang, so i'd know (being Malaysia's food capital) but there are so many nice food n places i didn't know existed in other parts of Malaysia!!! hehehe~

Anyways, i had started researching on food blogs initially because I am going for a vacation during this Christmas and next January, my first vacation since going bck to Penang (and KL and Melaka) for CNY earlier this yr and I wanted to research on my food options by gathering what other people had recommended in those places...and thats when i became addicted to these food blogs...i've linked them at the side of my blog so if u haven't had a look yet, pls do!! You'd be drooling with hunger once u see all these glorious foodie pictures!!!

PS: I am keeping my holiday destination (or should I say destinations>hehehe...) a secret until sometime later in the week..then later anyone is welcome to give me suggestions on where to go n where to eat or if u live there, even to meet up n be my tour guide!! hahahah~~

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