Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Passed NAATI!!!...澳洲國家翻譯考試通過!!!...ナーテイー国家翻訳試験合格した!!!

I PASSED NAATI!!!!! Yeeeeaahhh....I just found out yesterday. NAATI stands for the 'National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.' It is the National body which sets the exams and assessments for official accreditation as a translator or interpreter in Australia. In oz, you can only be a translator or interpreter if you've passed the exam set by NAATI which is very very difficult to pass and most people fail...i failed once before and attended a course in translation and finally i passed this time round....
I'm now officially a translator from Chinese (both traditional and simplified) into English!! This means i can accept translation jobs as part-time work to earn extra income....besides my daytime law thats great n i'm super happy:)

Attending the short course on translation from Chinese to English was really useful in terms of translation technique as u learn how to break up a sentence and usual ways of translating specific terms and words...knowing 2 languages and knowing how to translate from one lang. to another lang. is really 2 separate things!! This was something i simply did not pay attention to on my 1st try at the exam...which is why i didn't even prepare for it and didn't bring a dictionary in too..

So now, if anyone has any translation assignments from Chinese to English, don't forget to give it to me...i'll charge cheap for my blog readers...hehe:) Moreover, I even get my own personal translator's stamp and ID card...its quite professional in Aust. unlike in many other countries where there is no official exam or body for translators.

On another note, i'm currently addicted to a Korean drama called ' Famous Princesses'...its like this family drama which runs for over 30 episodes...dealing with 4 sisters and their family and love is like so super good and i can't seem to stop watching! I'll like watch 3-4 episodes a night which means 3-4 hrs...highly recommended...the Korean name is 'The Legendary 7 Princesses'....And i'm currently also watching a Chinese drama by Anita Yuen and Jordan Chan which i really like too (more on that in another post!) and another Korean drama called 'Older Sister' (Nuna in Korean if i'm correct!)by Son Yun-Ah....the guy in here is soooooooo handsome, even straight guys would think so..he's in 'Glass Picture' with Kim Haneul and was with Song Hyegyo in 'Full House'. Dun really know his name but i think it is Kim Sungsu....
back to watching my dramas now...haha...

Interesting Quotes from Chinese n Korean Dramas currently watching:

恨 是 插 在 心 頭 上 的 一 把 刀 ﹐ 傷 了 自 己 卻 沒 有 傷 到 別 人 = Hatred is like a knife cut into the heart. It only harms oneself but leaves the other person unharmed.

人 可 以 令 人 中 毒 。 簡 單 的 說 ﹐ 這 就 叫 作 愛 情 = Human beings can cause other human beings to become poisoned. Simply put, this is called 'Love'.