Sunday, April 16, 2006

What A Small World...世界真小啊......小さいの世界

I have recently realised just how small this world can be. Whilst reading this blog which i can't even remember how i came across, i saw a familiar face in one of the photos which the blogger posted up. I read her blog very often given that she seems to have such a happening social life and given that she lives in Melbourne, it is interesting seeing the tons of pics she puts up of the familiar places and restaurants she goes to....

Anyways, in one of the numerous photos she puts up, i came across a face, a familiar face. And guess who it was? It was my ex-housemate!!!! I mean how small can this world get???
I have been visiting the sister of my ex-housemate's blog for 2 or 3 months without even realising it until that photo! I found out that she is the sister cos i so happened to bump into my ex-housemate's bestfriend one day recently early in the morning. As fate would have it, that morning, i was planning to go to the Thai Festival and i got up late and rushed out only to find Swanston St closed off cos of a Sunday Charity i buzzed my friend and asked her to come to City Baths to meet as we had to walk down to Fed Sq. As fate would have it, my ex-housemate's friend was waiting for her friend at City Baths too and i took the opportunity to ask her about how my ex-housemate was (she has graduated and gone bck to KL already) and also about her sis. The friend told me indeed the sister was in the faculty i mentioned (the sister put up what faculty she was studying in her blog) and further told me where she was living now (don't know why she told me that!!)....anyways, later when i checked my ex-housemate's sister's blog again, guess what?
She so happened to blog and post up pics of my ex-housemates' bestfriend as they had happened to go out for dinner recently...i mean how coincidental..the sister even mentioned my ex-housemates' name in her blog...which all but confirmed that she is indeed my ex-housemates' sister!

Anyways, thats not the only coincidence, rem the bloggers i said i bumped into in one of my earlier posts? Well, i bumped into two of them again...the good looking one on campus once again and the other one whom i said didn't look the same as his pics just small can Melbourne be?? bumping into two bloggers who don't know me 2 TIMES within one month....What a small world we live in don't we??

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