Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hanabishi Lunch 花菱午餐 花菱ランチ

I had lunch at this famous Melbourne institution touted as serving the best Japanese cuisine in town with some Japanese friends recently. The price was EXCEEDINGLY expensive so be prepared to burn a hole in your pocket when going. The average price for a lunch set is around $25-35 so its very, cos we went in a large group, i managed to take a picture of the various sets ordered by my friends. I ordered the croquette set which brought bck some nostalgia for me as i used to love croquette whilst i was in Tokyo and i would go to the デパ地下 (foodcourt of shopping malls) to buy them...other ppl ordered sushi, sashimi, katsudon,tendon,etc...the food was ok, i personally didn't think it was worth the high price we paid but at least it was an experience and next time i can proudly say when ppl ask whether i've tried Hanabishi YES!
oh...and the conversation we had was interesting....the topic turned to Japanese porn@@! I, being the feminist that i am, said that there should be stricter laws to regulate porn and that i have even thought about the proposed bill such as limiting the no of men that can be 'doing it' with the 1 actress with a max of 3 men.. (this is in response to what i hear is the common storyline of having a pack of men with one actress in most porn which is disgusting and unacceptable to me) and the japanese all laughed cos it was the 1st time they had heard of limiting the no of people....and one friend of mine even asked her friend (who by the way has a swimmers body which i noticed instantly when i first met him cos his polo t was just stretched across his formidable chest and he is also on a Japanese govt scholarship here. He worked for the Cabinet Office in Tokyo which means he got to see Japan's PM Koizumi once every 2 or 3 months!) that there was a male habit to watch porn isn't there!! The Q was phrased such that it was implied whether 'he' watched porn himself and as can be expected, he got embarassed haha...

Since i am on the topic of food, i will intro some restaurants i have been to recently...

I had lunch of pasta bolognese and italian hot chocolate mint at Stuzzichino on Lygon St this week. It was nice and the drinks menu is extensive with cocktails,etc and for those who love their chocolate drinks thick, they should try out the nice hot italian chocolates...but cos i DO NOT like my chocolate drinks thick, i was horrified when i saw the drink brought before me! It was super super rich and i had to keep adding water in to dilute it...the place is next to Koko Black.

I came across Kimchi Tray whilst walking by Flinders St on my way to FedSQ for Festival Melbourne last Friday and so i went in. I thought it was Grandma Kimchi, the well known Korean chain in Melbourne but was told though originally under the same owner, it was now under a separate management. The usual korean fare was there and i had chanpon (korean chinese noodles like ramen) An alright place with mainly chinese and korean patrons.

More food pics at My Online Photo Album:


Mr. Nasty said...

Surfing through blogs I found yours. I must say, it was an enjoyable read.

I must make one comment though. There should be NO limit on the number of guys and number of girls in a porn scene.

As the saying goes: "The more, the merrier." :-)

On other note, I want to also say I think it's incredible you are able to speak so many languages. Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and some Japanese from what I gathered from your posts. Amazing. Your command of English is exceptional as well. I'm jealous! So, I'm curious, how are you able to learn so many languages? Just naturally gifted in languages or did you spend a lot of time studying and practicing the languages in school?

hcpen 彭皓全 said...

mr nasty: Hi, first of all thanks for the comments and even posting about me on ur blog! nways, if u read my blog, u must know i am all for women's rights and so i cannot accept a pack of men on one woman, however if it were like group sex with one on one then even though i personally can't accept it, i think it should be long as there is no unfair abuse of women...
thanks also for the language comment, u r not the first commenter to say that and i am flattered..i guess i just have a knack for languages...and i have been educated in english throughout my life so of cos my english would be to a certain level, if it were otherwise, i think i will just sit down and cry,hehe...Also how do u know i speak cantonese? u can't tell just from writing, but i do anyways and i understand hokkien/taiwanese dialect are u asian by any chance cos u seem to be able to differentiate the chinese languages (most caucasians would simply lump everything as Chinese) and also u could tell my japanese level was not perfect nor native so,out of curiosity,r u asian by any chance?

Mr. Nasty said...

Women's rights? I don't even know what that term means! lol Seriously though, so how about an unlimited number of women and 1 man? You know, that is most men's fantasy. But I guess women's rights advocate can argue that that would also be an abuse of women also since it would be one man plundering and hogging all of the natural female resources.

Or another example: In some fetish porn they have a man bound and gagged to be spanked, beaten, flogged, and many other numerous dirty little things done to him by one or more female. Some men really enjoy that! (Yum, Yum they would say.) Would that fall under the category of empowering women?

So how should the proposed bill read?: "No more than one woman and three men and no more that one man and 3 women in any given porn scene. Spanking women is not okay, but spanking men is allowed (and encouraged)." Or if you're not only for women's rights but human rights in general, the last one would read: "Spanking of men or women is not okay (unless it's light spanking then it may be considered)" (All good proposed bills have little addendums like that! lol)

re: language I'd very much like to tell you I am a gifted psychic and know everything and that's how I know, but I'm sure you will be skeptical. Truth is, I believe I read it somewhere on your blog posts. I cannot rememeber exactly where -- it may have been your response to another person's comments or inquiry.

Even having been educated in English at a very young age in an asian country, your English is still incredible. I have not met many who have your level of English abilities. And I have proofread many many papers written by International students from asia. (By the way is often much more strenuous then any final exam I had to take. lol)

Also on the flip side, I have taken a year of Chinese in college and I can safely say it was hard as shit. It would take me decades to master the language if it was even possible at all.

Are you Taiwanese by birth and grew up in Malaysia? Malaysian and grew up in Taiwan?... hmmm... Malaysians and Singaporeans are amazing and can speak a ton of languages! Proficiency is at varying degrees, but still...! The Dutch is also amazing, they can speak the Dutch language, English, German, and French.

In answer to your last question, yes I am asian -- but I am not Korean. (I guess unfortunate for me, since you dig Korean dudes. :)

Oh by the way, speaking of which, I couldn't find a picture of you on your blog. What do you look like? Post a pic or email me one! :)

hcpen 彭皓全 said...

mr nasty: thanks again for commenting....well u will find alot of international students actually have good english skills...btw exactly where r u from? can u tell me abit more bout urself cos ur blog reveals little..i am both malaysian and taiwanese cos one parent comes from each country...about porn, the bill will be in terms of 'penetrator and penetratree' not in gender terms...also its ok for sm stuff as long as it is not shown as rape as one thing that will DEFINITELY be banned if i had my way would be ALL rape storylines in porn shall henceforth be ILLEGAL...hahaha...but consensual degrading sm will be spanking is ok..blushing...a group of women on a man is ok also as he would be the 'penetrator' and the limit is only on the penetrator and does not cover the 'penetratee'...i would use these terms instead of men/women to cover other types of porn(take a guess, there is more porn out there now than just opposite sex ones!)anyways, i purposely did not put up my pics cos i do not want to reveal too much about myself....i am able to blog more frankly if i knew i had the cover of anonyimity...also u did not put up a pic of urself too....well, do tell me more about urself..

Mr. Nasty said...

Penetrator and penetratee? Great terms LOL!!! Yes, I am aware there are more variety of porn than just opposite sex ones. You'd be surprised by how much I know about the porn industry! Actually, I thought about providing a different example in my previous post re: gay porn. I noticed you had quite a few links to sites regarding to sexuality of the same gender so I did not provide any examples of that nature so as not to offend.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand... hmmm, my original post was just a silly comment for humorous purposes. But since you brought up several points, I will respond. The idea of defining limits by penetrator and penetratee seems a bit off the mark to me. Some women use strap ons with other women, with other guys, in single scenes, in couples scenes, in groups, etc. In porn, often they use other objects, items, including other plastic toys, tools, and even food. Cucumbers for some strange reason seems to be the tasty food of choice. Couldn't possibly be the phallic shape could it?

As for banning rape scenes and allowing consensual s&m, that may on the surface appear to be a good solution, however there is much more than meets the eye. Many s&m b&d scenes appear to be consensual on screen when in reality the actors themselves don't know what they are getting into when they fill out the consent forms and agree to do the scenes. Other types of scenes where it appears to be non-consensual, the actors are enjoying acting out the fantasy. Of course, the ones where actors play out the role of non-consensual acts is damaging for the obvious reasons. One may argue then that those scenes which depict the actors not enjoying themselves are more damaging than the ones that appear the actors are enjoying themselves. But that is just an illusion, and a harmful one at that. Scenes which depict actors enjoying themselves when reality they are not gives viewers a false sense that whatever activity they are engaging in at that time is okay to do or try at home, when in reality it's uncomfortable, painful, degrading, etc.

To be honest, now I'm just arguing just for the sake of arguing about the fine points. In reality, bottom line is that porn is actually severely damaging no matter what form it is in. The damage is so high that most people do not realize the extent. From the way pornographers recruit (trick -- in some cases kidnap) young actors into the industry to the massive addiction and the catastrophic damaging effects the massive addiction causes the millions of viewers. I could go on and on about the damaging effect, but I'd rather qualify all of this by saying that porn is soooo much fun to watch!! 8-)

Ok, changing topic... Yes, of course I know there are international students who have a good mastery of English. I know many many international students. What I meant to say was that your ability is one of the best I have seen -- at least in terms of writing. Perhaps you found my comment about proofreading offensive? The comment about proofreading difficult papers was based on my experiences. In my experience, those who ask for proofreading tended to be the ones who needed help the most, while the ones who have a good master of the language were less likely to ask for additional help.

Next topic... Yes, good idea on maintaining your anonymity. I understand. I was just thinking there may have been photos I missed of you because you mentioned that you met quite a few fellow bloggers so I was thinking they already knew what you looked like from your blog pics. Yes, I do not have any pics on my blog. I just started the blog and do not have it set up to post pictures. Also, I didn't really intend for my site to be that kind of blog. My site is more geared towards me writing a lot of obscene, obnoxious, rude, and untruthful things. lol When we know each other better, I'll be happy to send you a pic.

Wow, this post turned out waaay longer than I had intended. oops.

p.s. - You should break your post down into paragraphs, it would make it easier to read!

hcpen 彭皓全 said...

mr nasty: yes....ur post was reallly loooonnggg...about porn, mayb u could tell me more bout it cos although i would consider myself liberal in certain areas, i am actually really conservative when it comes to things like porn, i don't know much (neither do i really wanna know in terms of seeing it to understand) i heard about women and strap ons in a book on prostitution i read where this perverted client wanted one of the girls to f him anally and i have heard about the fruits stuff but it doesn't matter, it is usually inserting all kinds of things into women isn't it? so the males are still penetrators...and u know about gay porn too? hmmm...most straight guys would stay waaaaayy clear of that area...sounds fishy..unless...hehehe..
about rape, the law will ban all depictions of rape, the actors real feelings is totally irrelevant cos i am SURE most men don't care about the real feelings anyways...can i ask what do u do as an occupation and ur ethnic bckground? i would need to know more about u....leave it in ur blog if u don't want to put it here and i will go check...visit often!!

Mr. Nasty said...

Hello again,

Insertions of objects can be done by both sexes. Many of such insertions are in lesbian scenes. I know about porn because a friend of mine worked in the industry (not acting, marketing and promotions -- mind out of the gutter hon :)

You "would need to know more about (me)? May I ask why?

hcpen 彭皓全 said...

mr nasty: What i meant was that i would like to know more bout u, sorry if i sounded demanding!! like i would just like to know some things about u like are u a student? what ethnic bckground? u know just to get to know u cos u know some things about me from the blog but i hardly know much about just out of interest, sorry if i sounded rude, didn't mean to!

Mr. Nasty said...

No worries. All in good time!

hcpen 彭皓全 said...

mr nasty: alright, drop by often!