Saturday, November 26, 2011

Worthwhile and Interesting Blogs Which I Read Interview Series:) Interview Three: Webs of Significance.

This is the third in the series. Enjoy!

1) What is the name of your blog?

Webs of Significance

2) When did you start blogging?

November 16th, 2006

3) How did you pick the name for your blog?

Webs of Significance comes from a quote about culture by one of my favorite anthropologists, Clifford Geertz:-
"Man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun..."

I guess it's my way of saying that what I blog about has meaning and significance to me -- but I am not going to presume that they have meaning and significance to others. So, a way of reminding myself to be modest, if you like. :)

4) How did it get started? What motivated you to start a blog and what keeps you going?

For what got me deciding to start a blog, you can actually go and look at my first entry:-

But I can also tell you that when I started blogging, I was recovering from an ailment called frozen shoulder that had made it so that I wasn't working/employed at a time, so had plenty of time to think and compose my thoughts. Also, that I had two friends who were into blogging and they convinced me that blogging was worth my while. (Ironically though, they both don't blog all that much these days -- even while I continue to do so!)

As to what keeps me going: after I moved to Hong Kong in May 2007, blogging became a way to let people like my mother and interested friends know what I've been up to. And yes, I like how blogging helps me record and remember things (including about notable movies I've watched, hikes I've been on, places I've visited and things I've done on weekends and holidays, etc.).

5) How did you decide on what your main focus for your blog would be?

Hmmm... since I don't think that my blog has a main focus, maybe this is not a question I should/can answer!

6) Did any other blogs inspire and influence your blog? What other blogs do you read?

Re blogs that inspired me to get blogging: that would be those by my friends Brian ( and Ho ( Re other blogs I read: I read lots -- many of which can be found on my blogroll. :)

7) Is blogging a full-time job now? Or is it a side-hobby? And if so, what do you do besides blogging?

It's definitely not a full-time job as I don't earn any money from blogging! Re what I do besides blogging -- you mean professionally? If so, these days, I'm an editor for a newspaper here in Hong Kong -- and I also do consulting in Penang on museum and cultural heritage projects.

8) What are some of the perks you've enjoyed personally as a blogger? Alternatively, what have you gained or learnt from your blog?

Blogging allows me to practice writing pieces that are the length I want them to be on any subject I want. It also gives me an international audience to share my writings and photos with.

9) What is the most memorable compliment(s) you have received about your blog?

A Hong Kong friend of mine told me, after seeing my photos of Hong Kong on the blog, that the Hong Kong Tourism Board should hire me. :)

10) What would you like your readers to know about you which they may not already know from your blog?

Nothing. The nice thing about my blog is that I can reveal as much (or little) about myself as I want. :)

So head over there now to have a read at her blog:


YTSL said...

Thanks for including my blog in your Worthwhile and Interesting Blogs list. :)

hcpen said...

YTSL: no worries, it definitely earns its place in my list!:)