Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone!:-)

Happy New Year readers!!:-)

My sincerest apologies for my prolonged absence but wait...i have an excuse..I flew off to Bangkok and Singapore during the Christmas and New Year Eve break and had a 10 day holiday (yes, i know, just right after n barely a month after coming back from China 3 week holiday!)..anyways, I enjoyed myself ton, caught up with alot of old friends whom i haven't seen in years, their parents, got intro to siblings or partners,etc..and rediscovered Bangkok and Singapore again after 5 years and 9 years respectively! Yes it was that long although i've been to both places, but been literally years since the last time!

I will be posting on my China, Bangkok, AND Singapore trip shortly, fingers crossed, hehehe..hopefully within the next 2 months..

Anyways, a quick update, i kinda like this Singaporean Chinese guy..i got to know him at a social meeting less than 2 months back and after alot of 'fate encounters' (i really believe in yuan fen (chinese term for fate or meant to be)) without which we would never have been friends or had the opportunity to develop a friendship beyond the mere hi-bye acquaintance relationship, i discovered he meets so MANY of my criterias and checklist for a 'husband' (as opposed to boyfriend material, he's def husband material in my books) that i've slowly and gradually gotten to like him more and more, i'm very comfortable around him, and he ticks almost all my criterion checklist, from his age to occupation, to family background, values, and much more..its funny cos he's not actually the kinda guy whom would attract me sexually or in terms of looks right away but he makes me very comfortable..i even met up with him in Singapore as he happened to go bck at the exact time i was there (another 'fate opportunities'!) However, i know he doesn't like me in that way as he's so sensitive and smart, i think he knows i kinda like him and wanna develop our relationship but he's showing alot of signs from his attitude and stuff that he doesn't like me in that way...oh god, i thought of giving up but i told myself, when will i meet a guy whom meets almost ALL my criterias next if i give up on him now? And besides, its been barely 1.5 months since we know each other and we have had so many opportunities to meet and stuff, i don't wanna give up after consulting with some friends of mine, i've decided to keep trying and maybe tell him my feelings in one month or two months time n see how it goes..cos i don't think we can even be friends with his current attitude so what's there to lose anyways i think??

Anyways, 2011 has been a very very good year for me in terms of friendship, family relationship, possible start of my first relationship (Yes, i've nvr had a boyfriend before nor a sexual relationship with a man!at 28!) and travels!
Hope 2012 will be good for me and my readers too!:-)

ps: I actually visited a blogger's store for the 1st time today, he was gracious enough to allow me to interview him for the 'interesting bloggers series' which i have and he told me he opened a store somewhere in Sydney..and so i so happened to pass by today and popped into his's really nice n much bigger than i expected..i think i even saw him..quite a nice thing to do, visiting a blogger's store whom i have corresponded briefly on email..but i didn't say hello as i didn't want him to think it was being weird visiting his shop..haha..maybe i'm thinking too much..but it was something interesting i did today:)

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