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Worthwhile and Interesting Blogs Which I Read Interview Series:) Interview Two:The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Hey All,
Sorry about the long absence, but I've actually been away...on vacation!!!:-)I was in China for 3 weeks going through 12 different cities and towns from the North to the South, and from the East to the West. It was alittle like the Amazing Race given that I had scheduled it so tightly but I had always wanted to revisit China again and this time, really get to explore all of China and not stick to just the Beijing-Shanghai route. Anyways, more on my China trip (which i'll do a China Autumn Trip 2011 series on) later...below is Interview Two of my interesting blog series:-)

1) What is the name of your blog?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry.

2) When did you start blogging?

October 2007.

3) How did you pick the name for your blog?

It was honestly the least worst name in the sad (and small) pile of ideas!

4) How did it get started?
I started in October 2007, inspired by a meal at Bentley in Surry Hills that was so course-by-course awesome that I wanted to laser it into my memory forever. I also like eating as a way of rediscovering your own city - heading to Narrabeen for the spectacular grilled corn with chipotle and lime mayo or Terrey Hills for a hot chips pizza, etc.

5) What motivated you to start a blog and what keeps you going?

The fact that Sydney keeps repeat-offending on the "opening great new bar/cafe/restaurant" front is good inspiration. Also, there are lots of older places that keep doing incredible new things - there's Gelato Messina and its endless lottery of fun flavours. It's going to be even more impossible to decide what to order there after the gelato patisserie extension opens! The gelato hamburger that the staff is experimenting on looks amazing.

How did you decide on what your main focus for your blog would be?

See above, Sydney's (mostly) rewarding food scene was a way for me to get to know the city better - discover streets and suburbs I'd never visited. I like the idea that any mealtime could literally take you to a new place.

6) Did any other blogs inspire and influence your blog? What other blogs do you read?

I read far too many blogs to mention, but I especially like Lemon Pi - it's by a Sydney pastry chef who has worked at Bentley, Sepia and Marque. Her mix of witty, beautiful writing and inspiring recipes is very inviting. Melbourne Gastronome is a good example-setter in terms of Australian food blogs.

7) Is blogging a full-time job now? Or is it a side-hobby? And if so, what do you do besides blogging?

No, blogging is something I do for fun. I work at a magazine called Inside Out and also volunteer as a presenter at FBi radio in Sydney.

8) What are some of the perks you've enjoyed personally as a blogger? Alternatively, what have you gained or learnt from your blog?

I'm not really motivated by perks or launches or junkets (and there's no advertising or sponsorship on my blog or anything like that). Two rewarding & unforgettable things though: interviewing Nick Palumbo from Gelato Messina & him taking me on a spoon-by-spoon tour of the gelato cabinet. I think I tried almost every flavour! And when I went into Black Star Pastry to buy something and owner/chef Chris The said he had something for me - it was a special just-for-me pastry that wasn't on the menu. That made me feel quite lucky!

9) What is the most memorable compliment(s) you have received about your blog?

Finding out that the people who run the amazing restaurant Orto actually look up my blog for ideas on where to eat was lovely and unexpected. Also, Joanna Savill, co-editor of the Good Food Guide and director of Sydney International Food Festival has said some incredibly nice things.

10) What would you like your readers to know about you which they may not already know from your blog?
Some people might have the misleading idea that I have fancy food all the time or that I am very snobby about what to eat! The truth is I love a good cheese toastie or grease-stained bag of hot chips and I spend more time eating budget meals than lavish dinners. My wallet only stretches so far!

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