Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Can you help me?...能帮我吗?...手伝ってくれない?。。。

Hi Readers,
Been awhile, I am currently having difficulty finding a job that i like (you WON'T believe my luck*don't even wanna talk about it*) and which have good prospects for future development so i thought of giving my blog a try and seeing if fate would intervene and maybe someone who reads my blog or just happens to come across would be able to help....i am trying to find a legal job, preferably a solicitor based one/or media field is fine too, and preferably in Sydney, does anyone whom reads my blog know anyone, like a personal contact, be able to help me?? I am really at my wits end, i've tried but with no success for a long time...sigh...also i tried getting a part-time in clothing retail for months and walked in 30-40 stores but with no success, anyone know someone whom could introduce me?? I know probably no one would be able to help but no harm in hoping right?? Please please please help if you can cos i don't know many people...

On another note, I am now giving IELTS English classes as well as Chinese Mandarin classes for people residing in Sydney so do leave a comment and ur contacts if u or a friend is interested and living in Sydney...fees are negotiable and currently set at $800 for 30 hours with fees inclusive of all teaching materials, please do help me spread the word Sydneysiders!!!!! I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Anyways, to be frank, its been a pretty down period for the past couple of mths for me, something which I have tried not to mention in my blog, so I can only hope things get better...*fingers crossed*

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