Friday, September 21, 2007

Human Rights Focus: Spotlight on Women and Gay Rights

This is my new post series on human rights issues and abuses around the world.

This post starts with a look at child sexual slavery in Cambodia before proceeding to the status of gay lives in the Islamic Republic of Iran and finally to the Women's Rights Movement in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I hope it will prove just as thought-provoking for my readers as it has for me.

Sex Slavery in Cambodia:

This is so sad, heartbreaking:(

Gay Lives in Iran:

This really shocked as a gay person in Iran is like living in Nazi Germany or Wartime have to live in fear all the time of being arrested or being executed for merely being yourself is really a very stifling and sad existence...:(

Women's Rights in Iran:

I pity Iranian can conservative Muslims continue to insist on the existence of equality for women in their concept of Islam when Muslim women themselves don't feel equal??

A reminder for those of us whom live in relatively freer and wealthier societies what life is like for other fellow human beings and that we should cherish our 'priviledges', as indeed some of us are indeed living a life of 'priviledge' without even realising or appreciating this fact.


Ben said...

Hi 彭皓全,

I like your blog, I am an asian male myself who is a student studying criminology. I am from QLD.

I think your thoughts are very similar to mine.

Chow Ben

hcpen 彭皓全 said...

ben: Thanks for your comment")