Friday, October 26, 2007

I am a Permanent Resident of Australia Now!!!!!....终于拿到了澳洲長期居留証!!!..オーストラリア永久居留証やっと取った!!!....

I have good news today!!!!!! I finally got my Australian Permanent Residency (PR) approved by the Australian Immigration Department !!!!!! I applied in May to stay in Australia as a Permanent Resident and when i checked this morning (i didn't place any hope that it would be approved as i was sure that with the lagging pace that they were going and the heavy caseload they had, the immigration dept. couldn't have approved my application yet given that i had only sent in my last document required (my overseas police check) this Tuesday) but to my utmost surprise, it was approved!!!
So I went straight to the Immigration Department near Central Station and got my visa label for my passport. This means I can stay on in Australia indefinitely, with a need for renewal every 5 yrs....this is good news for me!!!

I mean, the pay and living environment is better here in Oz compared to Malaysia (most importantly is the pay, cos i think Malaysia has its merits when it comes to living environment and standards as well) so i would like to earn here but spend and invest bck home....haha, so in the end Malaysia is gonna benefit more than Australia from me....i like having the option of staying or leaving Australia...and having the option is always nice:):)


Michael said...

congratulations! I can relate to how you feel 因為我不久前也剛拿到台灣國籍,至少不必再擔心工作找不到而被迫出境...... keep it up!


hcpen 彭皓全 said...

michael: thanks for ur well wishes!! where are u from originally? Its pretty rare to hear of someone taking up 台湾国籍!

Ex Malayan said...

Congratulations and welcome to your new home. Oz is a great place..the people are kind and caring, the food is good,life is fun, nobody cares if you are white, yellow or green or straight or gay. I'm glad I came to live here many years ago from Johore.

gaurav said...

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