Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sydney, Oh How I Love Thee..:D

There's been so much going on in Sydney in recent months..the new wing of the Former Starcity Casino has opened (now called The Star) which is just like minutes from my home and best of all, it has my FAV gelato ice-cream store in the whole of Sydney which is the only other branch store of the main store located in Victoria St Darlinghurst..which was quite awhile away for me..(but really close to my friend's place)..i was envying her as she lived so close to the gelato store but now i can walk to the new store in The Star casino..haha( altho the prices there are abit more expensive, compared to the main store, but hey i guess you pay for the convenience right?)

Also, another new development has just opened officially tonight, called Darling Quarter at Darling Harbour. It had been building for ages and now finally revealed..i actually like all the new restaurants there, which is surprising given that most of the time i find that new entertainment/restaurant districts in Sydney may not have so many places which attract me personally..but the best of all, THE BEST Brazilian All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet in Sydney 'Braza' (as informed by a Brazilian friend living in Sydney no less)has opened up a branch at Darling Quarter which once again means i don't have to trudge along to Leichardht which is where its main store the best Brazilian BBQ and the best ice-cream store in Sydney both have branches within 20 mins walk from my place! Yeahh..!! Suddenly, living in Sydney just got a whole lot better n attractive!!:D


Anonymous said...

It's really yummy and super long queue when I was thr.

hcpen said...

yea! i love's my no.1 ice-cream store in Sydney:)