Thursday, September 01, 2011

Anita Mui - 周潤發和林青霞上台(92金像獎)

The Beautiful Brigette Lin Hsin-Hsia with the Charismatic Chow Yun-Fatt:-)
Those were the golden years of Hong Kong Cinema. It's interesting how times have changed..HK stars couldn't really speak Mandarin then as can be seen during the dialogue..this would be unthinkable now in the movie/entertainment industry in Hong Kong, with everyone having to know how to speak Mandarin. Also, back then, there were absolutely no mainland Chinese actresses (or even actors!) in Hong Kong and thus Taiwanese actresses were very popular back then for the more 'Northern Looks' and 'Northern Beauty' compared to the 'Southern Cantonese look' of Hong Kong actors/actresses...of cos this discounted the mainland Chinese whom immigrated to Hong Kong in their late teens/early 20s and spoke Cantonese all the time such as Faye Wong and Leon Lai or the fact that all the Taiwanese actresses who were popular in Hong Kong at the time were 'Mainlanders' those whose parents or grandparents typically fled from Northern parts of China such as Shanghai and Beijing to Taiwan and thus looked more like 'Northerners' unlike the local Southern Taiwanese whom actually form the majority in Taiwan. Those were the days..hahaha..oh yea, you can see the late Anita Mui was cohosting too..miss her!:-)


YTSL said...

Wait... but isn't Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia (aka Brigitte the Great) speaking Mandarin at least part of the time in that video clip? :b

But those were the days indeed... not only when Cantonese was the predominant language of Hong Kong cinema but Hong Kong produced its share of great local actresses (not just actors).

hcpen said...

YTSL: When i was talking about 'HK Stars' i meant local HK born and bred stars, not Taiwanese or mainland born HK Stars..!

YTSL said...

Hi again hcpen --

Hehehe... I guess I think of Lin Ching-Hsia (aka Lam Ching-Ha) as pretty much a Hong Konger now... ;b

More seriously though, it's amazing isn't it how she managed to have a stellar career both in Taiwan and Hong Kong? :)

hcpen said...

I know..she was one of the rare gems whom could make the cross-over successfully..she was ahead of her time with her gender-bending roles in the a proud half-taiwanese, she will always be a daughter of taiwan (she still retains Taiwanese citizenship i think cos i rem the media reporting how she flew bck to cast her vote in the Taiwanese Elections in '08)..and i know how proud she is of Taiwan, along with Ang Lee, if u've ever heard them speaking at the Golden Horse Awards just 2-3 yrs ago i think..of how they'll always care about Taiwan no matter where they live.