Friday, November 19, 2010

Filipino Fever Redux-Kimerald Team & Sarah Geronimo

I have relapsed into my 'Filipino Fever' once again, after having subsided from my addiction to Filipino dramas, movies, and music for over a started with some Filipino songs which I listened to on youtube which i liked before and grew to a full-blown 'fever' again when I discovered the latest Sarah Geronimo movies and Kim-Gerald loveteam movies for 2010...In the Philippines, there're alot of 'loveteams' whereby they pair up actors and actresses as onscreen loveteams in multiple movies/tv dramas and even continue with the 'image/fantasy' of them being a 'real couple' even in real life...its so cute, u don't find that in Hollywood or in other Asian entertainment scenes...

here's some links, its just too good...I find Kim Chiu prettier and prettier by the day and Gerald Anderson is kinda cute I must admit now (i used to find him so-so only)...Kim Chiu is so beautiful as she matures...she's Filipino-Chinese of pure Chinese descent, having had parents whom immigrated from Fujian Province, China sometime in the 1980s apparently. I am surprised and amazed at how romantic and 'real' Filipino cinema can be, I'm just surprised that Filipino movies and TV series have not travelled further ashore and gained popularity in other nations too, given how good they are..I'm sure other nationalities would like them too..I love'em! Especially, how they deal with topics like 'rebound relationships' and 'success/career taking over a relationship for guys'..very real issues or show the guy shouting at the girl, very wouldn't see that in Korean cinema...i guess the difference b/w Korean romance and Filipino romance is that Korean romantic dramas are more idealist and fairy-tale like whilst Filipino romantic movies are romantic but with a touch of realism and realistic representations...without forsaking the perfect romantic fairytale aspect as well, which is why I love them:-)

Anyways, without further ado, here's some of the movies and songs which I have become infatuated with recently:

Hating Kapatid (2010):

Till My Heartache Ends (2010):

Paano na Kaya (2010): ( I just the cliche story of the bestfriend theme of falling in love with your bestfriend...isn't it just so romantic? I love how they show Gerald Anderson topless so much in this mv perfect relationship would be to fall for a bestfriend/friend..i'd rather fall in love with a friend without even realising it later down the line than start a relationship feeling the sexual attraction from the very beginning.) (interview of Kimerald for their movie.)

And these are some older songs which i still like: (Ikaw Lamang) (Tayong Dalawa) (Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now)


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