Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aku Malu...and other Songs...:-)

'Aku Malu':

I came across this song from an Indonesian film 'Arisan' and I really liked it...maybe cos it had a cosy feel for me given that I understand Malay and Indonesian and Malay is very similar (at least standard Malay and Indonesian is very similar..colloquial wise, they're VERY different...almost mutually incomprehensible!), and Malay is a language which reminds me of my secondary and primary school days given that we had to learn it in school...after high school, i never used it anymore because in Penang, be it at roadside stalls or in shopping malls, you usually communicate in English, Hokkien, or Mandarin. Well, anyways, the song is here in a clip of the movie, have a listen: (it's towards the end)

'Far Longer Than Forever':

Another song from my primary school (?) days which i always remembered for some reason, then i checked up on youtube for the song from my vague's really nice, here:

I even watched the whole movie on youtube, under 'Swan Princess'.

I liked it remarkably, given my disdain and disinterest for animation/cartoons..haha..fits my feminist streak as the story starts with Princess Odette leaving Prince Derek because he says 'what else is there?' to her question on what he sees in her besides her beauty...i mean we were led to believe it would end in a fairytale wedding at the beginning part of the movie when we see them hating each other as kids and teens and suddenly Derek falls in love with her when they meet again in their youth and he calls for a wedding...but then of course she wants to know what else he sees in her besides his answer of 'you're beautiful' was nice to know that in children's fairytales in the 90s, even then, it wasn't ok for the prince just to fall in love with the princess for her beauty alone..hehe..

'Somewhere Out There':

I sang this song as a duet with a friend in primary school during our annual school play which was a big event back then...and usually there would be one main character and a few side characters and most other people would be in the background and singing cos it was always a musical from my recollection, every single year...and usually there was always this one active popular guy being the main character and most of us would be in the background...of course, i was and am still immensely proud of having been selected out of the entire year group, along with another classmate to sing a duet of this song...hehehe..i mean it was the rare times which i got to shine there in front of everyone, being the centre of attention of the audience during this song..hahaha..showed i must have had a unique/good voice back then with my duet partner out of the entire year group...anyways the song is here:


This drama was made in 1999 and broadcast on Phoenix Cable Channel in 2000 when i was in my last year of highschool...i still remember that it was my VERY 1st Korean drama and back then Korean dramas and Korea was unknown in Malaysia (or Taiwan for that matter)...Korean dramas had been broadcasted in Taiwan but weren't popular and in Malaysia no one knew much about Korea at that time (often Koreans in Malaysia were mistaken to be Japanese, much to their ire, if you know their past history) and so i knew nothing about Korea or Korean culture besides Korean food and my Korean classmates in school...i immediately fell in love with this drama and Korean dramas when i saw this..i didn't even know which country it was from initially..i was wowed by the amazingly good looking actors and actresses, the romantic feeling of the drama and the conservatism of the relationships...i mean previously, I watched Hong Kong dramas which were the only popular tv dramas back then (along with Taiwanese and Japanese dramas) and HK dramas were more upbeat and light, not romantic at all, Taiwanese ones were cry-fest whereby it was just full of crying but without any romance, very sappy...and Japanese ones had ugly looking actors with chauvinistic plots (gosh i tried liking Japanese dramas cos they were and are still all the rage but i had to stop watching many half-way cos of their mysogynistic plot lines and ugly actors)...and so Tomato was my first drama whereby i really felt the romantic feelings welling inside me, where i looked forward to watching every night and couldn't wait for the weekend to pass quickly so that it'd be Monday again and when the drama would run...i never had this feeling about any HK dramas i saw (ok, maybe just one)...i fell in love with the actor in Tomato which had never happened before in any dramas i saw prior and as they say, i was smitten by the entire love story at sweet sixteen (haha...i was sixteen back then!)...I remember checking online for his info and his dramas but he became not so goodlooking..hehe..even now, after almost 10 yrs, i still find the male character in Tomato extremely good-looking (my type) and handsome, still kinda like his reserved personality and boy-next-door looks and his occupation...well who knew i'd become a lawyer too? (but i'd prefer my partner to be an architect..creative, design-conscious and able to design our home..haha..not in the legal field or it'd be boring)..have a look at the teaser here:

' 新不了情':

And finally, a song i fell in love with since the mid-2000s...heard it before..but only fell in love with the song at a karaoke session when someone played the song: (The String Quartet's version) (singer Cao Ge's version)

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