Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007! ....圣诞快乐07年!....メーリークリスマス07年....

I want to wish all my readers a Happy Merry Christmas 2007 and
may you enjoy this splendid season:)


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Anonymous said...

Hi, it was interesting reading a bit about you, and your description of your moral values and issues. It seems like they are very similar to mine, though we have different backgrounds (kinda 2nd gen Chinese Aust). My politics seems to be more left leaning though.

Hope you like Sydney, never mind the crappy transport and high real estate costs. We have a beautiful harbour and lots of different food to compensate.

Hope you had a great xmas and have a happy New Year.

hcpen said...

aimlesswanderer: thanks for the comment and if u own a blog, i would love to have a read too:)

Merry Christmas and have a fantastic 2008 ahead!!

Anonymous said...

Nah, don't have one, that's definitely the last thing the world needs.

I'll leave it to more interesting people like you.

Keep up your amazing array of languages, most impressive!

Enjoy the great weather we're having ATM.

hcpen said...

aimlesswanderer: Thanks! You too, enjoy the sunny weather whilst it lasts...:)