Saturday, November 24, 2007

AlJazeera English: A Different Perspective from the Arab World....阿杰志拉卫星新闻台,不同的观点...アルジャーズイラーニュース、アラブからの視点..

I discovered Aljazeera English Channel a few months back and have been meaning to blog about it for awhile. I simply love the channel with its focus on Middleeastern as well as Asian current affairs and issues. I especially like the Everywoman and East 101 show given the women's issue focus of the former and the East/SE Asian focus of the latter. It has broadcasting centres located in Qatar, Washington, London, and......Kuala Lumpur!!!

This means there is always a steady stream of coverage on South east Asian,and particularly, Malaysian issues. It has also helped to highlight Malaysia's presence in the (Arab) world.

I saw this program on apostasy in Malaysia which shocked me greatly and made me dislike the Malaysian government and the Malays as well!! I have never understood why the Malaysian Chinese dislike the majority Muslim Malay Malaysians and have always found it racist, but now i have more sympathies for their feelings after watching that program.
Its here if u r interested:

Other interesting programs:
(Vietnamese Brides in SEA)
(Rape in the U.S. military)
(Honour Killings in the Middle East)
(East 101 selection of programs)

I love Aljazeera:)

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