Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kawasaki Saiwai Ward 2006 川崎市的幸區2006年 川崎市幸区2006年

Kids frolic on a mountain of thanks
Children had a rare chance to play in snow in Kawasaki's Saiwai Ward on Sunday morning after a 72-year-old man trucked in 300 tons of the stuff from the former village of Yamakoshi in Niigata Prefecture. (Takeshi Tokitsu/The Asahi Shimbun)
I found this on the Asahi website front page some weeks back and was pleasantly surprised given that Kawasaki's Saiwai Ward was exactly the place i lived in whilst in Tokyo in 2005. I mean not only is it the same city Kawasaki City which is big anyway, its the same Ward and i think i even recognise the tall buildings behind in the picture, could they be the buildings close to JR Shin-Kawasaki Station?? (This was the station i used most frequently to travel around and also to get to Keio University in Mita campus which is where i went despite my apart being like 15 mins walk to its Hiyoshi Campus BUT i am so glad all the classes were at Mita cos its right in the Tokyo metro area and i got to travel almost daily using the busiest inner Tokyo Yamanote train line circle.How i miss Tokyo life.......戻りたいなあ。。。東京)


Anonymous said...
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kimcafe said...

I realise why you are interrest in Japan,and read Japanese.とても不思議でしたが・・・。
I went to KEIO univ.too, about 30years ago.And now it's my son's turn .He passed the exam of KEIO last month, and finally deside to go to other univ.
I don't know much about Kawasaki city,but knew hiyoshi camps since I went hiyoshi for 7years(ああ永い!)4years hisgschool,3 years univ.
Your japanese sentence in ゲイ韓国 is realy great! much better than the articles in the web of japanese edition of Korean newspapers.

hcpen 彭皓全 said...

kimcafe:あ、先輩だ。。。 でも実は私は交換留学生として慶應で勉強した。日本語を勉強した。普通の授業じゃないでした。So i went on exchange, NOT the normal classes,だから私の日本語はすごく下手なんです。。あと、その日本語article は私書いたものじゃないです。。。ゲイジャパンニュースというサイトのarticleです。。私は翻訳しただけ。。into english....またkimcafeさんもう人のお父さんことしらなかった。。いろんなところ旅行にいったからずっとkimcafeさんは 20、30代の方かもと思ったんだ。。。