Sunday, July 03, 2005

Homosexuality in Asia

This is another of my interests. As can be seen from my blog, i have various inerests such as Korean pop culture and TV dramas (which must be blatantly obvious by now!), WW2 and Japan, the Cheongsam (Chinese Dress) and Gay/Lesbian issues. I will start occasionally writing on gay/lesbian issues now though not alot and those who take offence to such topics can ignore these posts and read my other ones on Korean dramas, movies or WW2 and Japan posts....I have started with TV dramas which have a gay/lesbian theme and my focus will be only on gay/lesbian in Asia and mainly only the Chinese, Korean and Japanese sphere...Especially the Chinese entertaiment industry is not conservative at all and is on par or even more liberal than the West in terms of number of mainstream (note not independent art films!)films and TV dramas produced in recent yrs dealing with homosexuality....for some reason, despite Chinese(when i refer to Chinese in this blog i mean China Chinese, Taiwanese, HK persons, Malaysian Chinese and Singaporean Chinese)society's still prevailing prejudice and discrimination against gays/lesbians.
In the posts below i have mentioned in detail Blue Gate Crossing (2002), Crystal Boys (2003), Hainan Chicken Rice (2004), Formula 17 (2004) and Love's Lone Flower(2005).
I will post a full list of all or most of the Chinese(incl Taiwan,HK, Singapore) films, TV dramas dealing either directly or indirectly with gay/lesbian themes when i am more free...

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San Nakji said...

Why the interest in Korean drama and movies? Do you speak Korean?