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Formula 17 (2004)...Taiwan's First Gay Romantic Comedy (not first gay film though, first film was made in the 1980s)

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Formula 17 (2004)...Taiwan's First Gay Romantic Comedy

I liked this film as it is one of the few films dealing with a gay theme that is a romantic comedy and does not end in tragedy as so many of the other Chinese gay themed films fact it is so upbeat and positive about being gay and almost all the characters in the film is gay that the Singaporean censorship board refused to approve it for screening in Singapore though it had no problems screening in more open societies such as HK.

Formula 17 official website: which is in Chinese and has a trailer with english subtitles.....for non-chinese speakers...just have to navigate your way to find it, basically its the page with three links to click and one will allow you to save and you download it and then play using mediaplayer.....

English: This Romantic Comedy revolves around the story of virgin 17 yr old Xiao Tian who happens to be gay and happy and from southern Taiwan. He is always wishing he can get a boyfriend as he has never fallen in love or for that matter had sex yet...he meets this guy off the net and they arrange to meet in Taipei. Xiao Tian travels to meet the guy who happens to be this guy who only wants sex and not love...however, for sweet innocent Xiao Tian, he as he puts it in the movie.....'only wants to do the thing he likes (ummmm, maybe sex?!) with the person he likes..'He then meets his highschool friend who is also gay and thoroughly in the Taipei gay scene and his friend's gay friends...enters the boy heart-breaker Bai Tie Nan who is renowned for one night stands and breaking men's hearts and Xiao Tian falls for him and the feeling is mutual but Bai hides a secret......
Chinese: 影片由晶瑩透徹的水底開始。美少年小天(楊祐寧 飾)一躍入鏡,自在悠游。然後,另一健壯男子躍入,背向鏡頭,泳姿熟練曼妙。小天尾隨,尋找另一半身影,但男子的臉卻始終失焦看不清楚。男子游出鏡,小天環顧,遍尋不著,驀地從身後攬過一雙健美的手。兩人溫柔接觸,極盡夢幻與浪漫的感覺。小天欲轉身看清男子樣貌,男子陶醉於小天的頸項間… 兩人就這樣纏綿於水波蕩漾之間… 正當小天再次試圖一窺男子的臉時,鬧鐘響起… 小天驚醒! 原來又是一場春夢。  
為了尋找那位「夢中情人」,周小天,一個純淨優質的處男,決定從南部千里迢迢來到台北展開一場瘋狂的性冒險。當晚,在一家知名的同志酒吧裡,小天與久未見面的國中好友- 小宇 (金勤 飾) 重逢,並看到了同志圈最有價值的單身漢- 白鐵男(Duncan 飾)。小天對鐵男大為心儀,而鐵男也對憨直的處男小天留下深刻印象。 但是小宇再三告誡小天:白鐵男是有名的花心大蘿菠,要小天千萬不要招惹他。
在朋友的介紹下,小天開始在台北一家健身房打工,同時體驗都會同志生活。除了接受外型上的改造,小天也開始盲目約會,更差點被一個猛男水電工色誘… 直到有一天,小天在健身房又巧遇了鐵男,兩人在淋浴間水氣瀰漫的情況下有了更進一步的接觸。小天雖喜歡鐵男,但鐵男身旁總是跟著一個男人- 俊(張大鏞 飾),讓小天懷疑有關鐵男花心不負責的流言,是否真實。

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