Friday, May 06, 2005

Recommended sites!

These are some sites i often visit which contain interesting articles on a range of topics concerning Asia ranging from Chinese media, Korean entertainment info, to websites of major newspapers in some Asian countries: PS: I don't know how to use the link function yet as i am a newbie to blogging so you may have to type it in the URL!
(1) Korean Newspaper English Edition Online
(2) Interesting site on Chinese media analysis
(3) Site for information on Korean entertainment news, movie info, TV drama info, OST MP3, Movie+TV Drama downloads,etc
(4) Chinese website for Korean film news, reviews, updates, and trailers.
(5) Taiwanese Leading English Newspaper Online
(6) Tokyo Food Page: Restaurant Guide in Tokyo and Yokohama
That's all for now...will put on more in the near future.....

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