Monday, May 07, 2012

Australia's Largest Garage Sale Day 2012:-)

I set up my very own garage flea sale on Australia's annual garage sale last Saturday and sold mainly items donated from my friends from last yr..and did pretty well! I went with the tagline 'Everything for $1, cheaper than the cost of a newspaper, cheaper than coffee, cheaper than the Sydney Morning Herald!' which always managed to put a smile and laughter on most people's faces..and i sold half of what i brought there in the beginning in just over 3 hrs which wasn't too bad..i think i should just consider a side job in selling stuff! Anyways, I met so many interesting and nice people, people who decided to buy stuff i think more out of goodwill and anything else, some not even bothering to try something on and just buying it from me..i also met this elderly gay senior citizen whom proceeded to tell me about his handsome young Taiwanese General Practitioner (GP) whom he describes as very straight and whom rejected his marriage case you were wondering, he had asked me where i was from, and i said not from china and he immediately said 'from Taiwan then?' and i was like how he knew and he was like 'oh, everyone whom insists they're not from China are from Taiwan...hahahahaha..anyways, there was alittle bad note in that i got told off my the owner of a fence which i was using to remove the items, but besides that, it was a really nice afternoon spent...i ended it with a nice meal at a new restaurant in Glebe ( cos i was selling at Glebe Point Road, at the same spot as last yr)...i'll probably do it again next yr!!:)

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