Monday, January 10, 2011

Gay Teddy... 90210 :-)

I have noticed many (and I mean MANY) gay storylines on tv, American tv shows, in recent years...there have been so many in the top tv shows that you can't turn the channel without seeing some kind of gay character be it in The United States of Tara or Glee or True Blood or...90210!

The gay storyline there, esp with the character Ian whom I am totally shocked to admit, could most DEFINITELY be someone whom I could fall in love (gosh, he's SO cute:-) ) so addictive...although they have so little screentime:(

Anyways, I heard in the new season, the character of Ian will be cancelled off and replaced with a new love interest for Teddy....boohoo! I would probably stop watching it cos I like Ian ALOT:-)

Anyways, link here on youtube on the gay teddy storyline:

Hope u guys n girls enjoy the short gay storyline too!:-)


Pooh said...

Hi there! I read your post ages ago about your passing the NAATI test (Chinese into English). You mentioned a course you took after your first attempt. I just failed mine - 3 marks short. :( I'd like to know a bit more. Would you mind if I email you for more details? What's your email address? Cheers, Kelly

hcpen said...

Pooh: Sorry, too long, can't remember the course and whether it's still available now...

however, i do teach students if interested, do u live in Syd?