Sunday, September 05, 2010

Overseas Chinese-Part III...海外华裔华侨...世界の中国系、華僑たち..

This is a continuing post of the 'Year of China' theme for this year. This post shall focus on the Chinese in Latin America.

Apparently, you can find Chinese-Latin Americans as well! There are large numbers in Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Apparently, Peru has over 1.5 million Chinese-Peruvians (many of mixed descent) living there...there is even such things called Peruvian-Chinese cuisine which is also known as 'chifa' which is not some unique exotic food but widely known amongst Peruvians and very popular too:-) This popularity in Latin-American style Chinese food from Peru has spread to other latin American countries too such as Argentina.

I also saw in the news earlier this yr that many recent Chinese immigrants have immigrated to the border between Mexico and America on the Mexican side as a means to eventually cross over and live in America. They apparently go into Mexico on tourist visas or other temporary visas and overstay illegally. Thus, like the trend in so many other regions of the world, the Chinese population is continually expanding since China opened up to the outside world meaning that the current overseas Chinese population in Latin America (and other parts of the world for that matter ) will only continue to increase with the tide of mainland Chinese immigrating by various means in the three decades since China opened up and reformed. This will add to the already existing Chinese populations which immigrated pre-1980.

Cool hey? This means one can go to Peru, if you're of Chinese descent, and the people there probably wouldn't even think too much given that they have seen Peruvian-Chinese people as well..haha..:-)


YTSL said...

Hi hcpen --

I attended a liberal arts college in Wisconsin, USA, with an international student body. How international? Well... one of my fellow students there was an Argentinian Chinese (who, for some time, dated a Danish Colombian)... ;b

hcpen said...

YTSL: So cool...