Thursday, November 12, 2009

Filipino Fever...菲律宾热情...フィリピンフィバー...

Remember how in 2007 i discovered Filipino entertainment and fell head over toes over the Philippines, it's people, it's culture, all just because of the 'soft power' of Filipino entertainment? Well, I am now revisiting that 'filipino fever' of mine, which kinda lowered for the past year before in recent weeks i'm kinda getting that 'filipino fever' back again!

Some songs I like: adik sayo (addicted to you):

Ikaw Lamang (Only You):

Tayong Dalawa MV (Two of Us):

The girl in the above MV is very pretty, her name is Kim Chiu, one of the new top talents in the Filipino industry. She's pure Chinese, being Filipino-Chinese, born to Chinese immigrants from Fujian Province, China. (Most Filipino-Chinese in the Philippines are from Fujian Province, thus being Hokkien people.)

Also, some movies from the past i love...'Got 2 Believe' (on youtube with malay subs), especially the end of the movie:

and 'You are the one', one of my fav romantic comedies of all time!:

My love for Filipino culture and entertainment has also led to my peak in interest in the Philippines and understanding its current affairs, people, and issues. Have a look at this Current TV docu on Philippines No.1 export, its people!:

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fufu said...

yeah filipino are all very friendly... wanna go back for their beaches =p

hcpen said...

fufu: Yes!I wanna visit the Philippines one day!

Chris said...


hcpen said...


Anonymous said...

i will be in boracay end of january. wanna join me?

hi hcpen, long time no see!


hcpen said...

michael: hi michael, yea long time, u're the fil-chi in taipei right? pity, i went to taiwan in jan this yr, but didn't have ur contact so couldn't meet with you:-)

Anonymous said...

hi hcpen, yeah i havent been here for quite a while. earlier in january (was that during the lunar new year), i was quite busy finishing my dissertation and preparing my job application papers ... fortunately i got the job, so here i am trying to endure the pressures that came with the position (teaching + research + responsibilitiesXn) . . .


hcpen said...

michael: Congrats!:-)