Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Korean Dreams....韓國夢.......

UPDATE 3/8/06:
Just some further comments on just how popular korean things are Bangkok, Korean entertainment is just as popular as it is in Malaysia, i saw once on TV that at the same time, 3 korean dramas were being broadcast on 3 different channels....further, korean drama vcds and dvds were widely sold in stores around bangkok....the korean band dong fang sheng qi were also going to perform in Bangkok sometime in Aug and even on a comedy show, they were acting out 'Jewel in the Palace' about the female doctor in the Chosun Dynasty....when i came bck to Penang, on one episode of a Taiwanese entertainment show, the celebrities were teaching audiences how to speak korean (and i already knew alot of these words) and in Bkk me and my friend realised we both knew quite alot of korean words merely thru watching the friend even jokingly did the 'saranghae' and heart shape movement towards her sister which is popular in korean dramas, namely 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon'....the power of korea's 'soft power' is once said..'korean food is as common as teh tarik nowadays and everyone wants to shag a korean' true how true.....i certainly would name korean men as my no 1 preference if based purely on sexual terms....*shy*
I simply love korean entertainment...and so does Asia....ever since the Korean Wave swept through Asia in 2001 with the melodrama 'Autumn in my heart' in Taiwan and 'Winter Sonata' in 2004 in Japan, Korean dramas, movies, and entertainment has become very popular across Asia....nowadays, Korean dramas and films are sold everywhere u look in Taiwan, China, HK, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and apparently in Vietnam and Thailand as well...the korean craze has also brought about the craze for korean food with korean restaurants popping up across Asia and korean instant noodles having become the norm...

i mean, if anyone still remembers, a mere 5 yrs ago, korean food and dramas and entertainment were not well known outside of korea and in places like malaysia, people didn't even know what kimchi was or what the korean traditional costume looked like....however, that has all changed. Now, almost every malaysian and taiwanese knows what kimchi is and i would say more than half of the population has tried it...further, since the success of 'Jewel in the Palace', alot of people now know what a korean traditional dress looks like....malaysian tv and taiwanese tv also currently frequently broadcast korean dramas with malaysian tv currently showing like at least 5 dramas on air and cable at the same time....

I myself, am a great fan of korean dramas bcos they are so pro-women and provide an ideal.....they provide the ideal man which is my explanation for why they are so popular with Asian women right across the continent and how it hints at how similar the ideal man is to women beyond different cultures....for example, the guy is ALWAYS sooooo freaking delicious and always handsome with a great body in korean dramas...this is in stark contrast to japanese dramas which i shall not comment further and Chinese ones to an extent as well...also korean dramas often show scenes of the guy half naked either in the shower or somewhere else with their refined six pack well sculpted bodies(believe me i have noticed this trend!!) on display...they make 'excuses' to show the guy half naked which is something obviously very naughty me....

and also not only do korean drama guys have good bodies, they ALSO have the ideal personality...they are invariably kind, good-hearted, sweet and caring and MORE IMPORTANTLY seem to love the woman more than the woman loves him with scenes of him forever asking the girl not to give up on their love and the girl being more rational...and also the guy is almost always very rich too and NOT horny at all..seemingly totally disinterested in wanting to have sex with the girl until marriage...and they do not watch porn nor masturbate presumably as well. haha...the plot also almost always two guys going all crazy over the girl with the girl in the position to choose and to be pampered....gosh...sooo romantic....korean dramas really provide me with a much needed space to believe in fairytales, a place where there is no sex nor violence, a place where guys are perfect, caring and not just trying to sleep with you, a place where true and pure love prevails and love conquers all....i am getting all romantic now....hehe


FamezGAY said...

OMG i love korean shows for his hunky male lead actors.. most of their actors are too manly and i like it kekeke!

ahworm said...



兩個人有點傻傻的坐在Gurney Hotel樓下的星巴克..



hcpen 彭皓全 said...

Famezgay: Wah, same taste ,same taste:)

ahworm:謝謝你的留言,以後也希望能常看到你的痕跡...跟你聊天還真有趣的,蠻開心的.像你說的,以後分隔兩地,不知道何時再相逢?隨緣吧,加油 小喬! 生日快樂!

FamezGAY said...

wait.. same taste means u r my competitor.. damn.. go away go away ahahaha

hcpen 彭皓全 said...

famezgay: lar, i where got qualities to compete with one want also..:( haha