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Modern Korea 現代韓國 現代韓国

As anyone who has read my blog must know by now, i love korean stuff and so hope to allow my readers more insight into current events and issues of concern to koreans as well as current trends, popular culture and thinking of koreans and i've included in this post some articles from the national Chosun Ilbo 朝鮮日報 which indicate the progressive nature of much of Korean media which i've picked up despite Korean society being generally conservative in nature. These articles show how korean society is changing and also show how more is being expected from korean men...enjoy...

The 10 Commandments for Men in Love
You have no trouble meeting women, but do you have trouble keeping them? Ever asked yourself why? Perhaps it is because you pay not nearly enough attention to the little things that can be make or break for a relationship at the all-important early stage. With the help of these simple rules from the Chosun Ilbo, perhaps you too can find longer-lasting happiness with the woman of your dreams, or the next but one’
1. Always Say &My’* When Introducing Her
When you introduce her to a friend, say, ※This is my girlfriend,§ rather than just mentioning her name. Especially if your relationship has just begun, this is a good way to bring the two of you closer. It will definitely spice up the chemistry between you. The little word ※my§ makes all the difference.
2. Catch What She Really Means
Most men think when a woman says ※no,§ she really means ※yes.§ Well, sometimes she does. But women don*t always express their opinion in a paradoxical way. Try to understand what she really means. Catch the subtle nuances in her mood.
3. Never Ask Why She*s Crying
The worst thing you can say to your girl when she*s crying is, ※Can*t you stop with the sniffling?§ You*ll just make matters worse. When a woman cries, it*s because she wants you to comfort and cuddle her. Don*t ask why: there are 101 very good reasons, none of whom men will ever understand. So just hand her a handkerchief and put your arm around her shoulder.
4. Compliment Her on Old Pictures
The moment you see the little girl in the picture smiling broadly at you, you*ll notice that time has changed the smile. But when you learn to accept all her past life just as it is you*ll find yourself loving her more than ever. Even when you spot the telltale traces of plastic surgery, never mention the difference until she*s ready to tell you herself. Just offer compliments that tell her she is just as beautiful to you now as she was then. Being too honest can chill your relationship.
5. White Lies Are Forgivable
Of course she knows you*re lying, but she*s still delighted to hear your sweet lies. With white lies like ※You*re my everything,§ ※You*re the most beautiful girl I*ve met§ or ※I*ll love you till the end of the world§ you can*t go far wrong. You*ll never know how happy these words will make her. It*s not so bad to be the boy who cried wolf for a day to make your girl happy, is it?
6. Fight the Urge to Snoop
You have secrets, and so does she. Let each other keep them. Knowing every single thing about her won*t make you as happy as you think. A woman with her own mystery is actually more attractive.
7. Be a Gentleman
Women can never resist a man with good manners. Always walk on the street side of the sidewalk when walking together, lead the way up the steps and never hang up the phone fist. Always ask her what she thinks. You*re sure to score high points from her.
8. Become a Memory Artist
The first day you met, her birthday, the day you first kissed: she will really appreciate it if you remember those special days. Love lives on in these happy romantic memories. No woman can forgive a forgetful boyfriend.
9. Do the Things She Likes
Though you may personally prefer action movies to romantic comedy, gamjatang (boiled potato and pork bone soup) to spaghetti and Internet cafes to coffee shops, you should have the patience to do something she likes. Respect each other*s thoughts and tastes and you*ll find happiness in just doing things as a couple.
10. Here*s Lookin* at You, Kid
This is the most important thing. Women like to look into their man*s eyes during intimate conversation and feel the love in his eyes. It*s easier to win her heart with a single loving glance than a hundred sweet words.

January 25 2006

Most SNU Students Say Yes to Pre-Marital Sex Jan 25 2006
Three out of 10 freshmen at Seoul National University think sex before marriage is fine if they are in love, a survey published Monday suggests. The poll of 2,421 first-year SNU students in 2005 shows that the largest number or 28.1 percent agreed with the premise.
Another 24.3 percent think sex is fine if it does lead to marriage, while 23.5 percent thought pre-marital sex unacceptable under any circumstances and the rest had no opinion. The gender gap was as usual reflected in the answers, with 37.7 percent of male respondents saying sex was fine before marriage and 38.1 percent of women saying no under any circumstances.

Get a Rippling Torso for the Beach February 20 2006
Koreans have never been so obsessed with the toned torso as they are now. TV ratings depend on how long Kwon Sang-woo shows off his chest, and Rain is famous for his combination of a baby face with an improbably bulging masculine body. In fact, torsos are a dime a dozen, and the Korean entertainment business is studded with stars that have perfected a dream body.
The Internet, too, is awash with pictures of ordinary people showing off washboard abs and pecs. A recent photo of an elementary schoolboy with a magnificent six-pack made skinny guys even more self-conscious about their body. But never fear: help is at hand. Double H Multi Gym team manager Yang Deok-il (29), motivator to the stars, says anyone can get into great shape for the summer if they start training now.
Of course the results may differ from person to person, but if you work hard and steady enough, you’ll be ready to show your girlfriend a great chest in just five to six months. Yang warns there is no good in hurrying. Set an achievable goal. Work out with a trainer three to five times a week and learn the right postures and moves. Use the right amount of weights and start with the larger muscles and then slowly focus down to the smaller ones. Intensify your workouts gradually after you get well used to the exercise. And remember: always drink enough water and get plentiful sleep. These are the keys to getting faster and more effective results.
If you want to add volume, nutrition is another major issue. To build a muscular body, a man in his 20s weighing 70 kg and normally taking in 2,500 kcal per day needs 2,800 kcal (carb : protein : fat = 65 : 15 : 20). Aerobic exercise like walking and jogging is more effective in getting rid of belly fat than starving yourself. Protein such as egg whites, milk and chicken breasts are good for you. But if you go without any fat or carbohydrates, you’ll end up looking really starved, like Lee Seong-jae playing an escaped prisoner in the movie “Holiday.”
Also remember that the stars tend to look more muscular in the pictures than in real life due to the posture, lighting and a quick workout just before shooting. Reports tell of teenage boys overseas eating steroids to grow muscles, and some even go under the knife for a thicker and broader chest. Others go on a special diet and a special speedy bodybuilding program for a month or two. But muscles made that quickly don’t last long.
There are about five months to go until the summer vacation. Start with the abdomen, which beginners want the most. Rule no. 1: never forget to stretch your muscles before exercise. You must do three to five sets repeating the same movement at least 15-20 times for each set. If the workout is a little too strong for you, rest more between sets (one minute) instead of doing fewer repetitions.
The photo is also from the Chosun Ilbo article and not something i just grabbed of the net!

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