Friday, September 30, 2005

Lin Dai Popular HK Actress 1950-60s era 林 黛 50/60年 代 之 玉 女 明 星

Posted by: hcpen1111
Lin Dai Popular HK Actress 1950-60s era
If Ran Ling Yu is said to be the most famous and well-liked Chinese actress of the 1930s, then Lin Dai is undisputedly the most famous and well liked Chinese actress of the 1950-60s.She acted in many hit films that i still regarded as Chinese cinema's precious gems even today. She is wearing a Chinese Dress (旗袍) in the photo, still popular back then. (PLEASE SEE MY POSTS IN APRIL ON THE CHINESE DRESS) However, like many Chinese actresses of that era, she committed suicide when she was merely 30 years old ending her then booming career. Some rumours say she merely wanted to scare her womanizing husband but had taken too much pills than intended. More pics and info of Lin Dai, Le Di and You Min can be found at:'s site which has links to the other 2 sites and all English/Chinese)for those interested in learning more about them.


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