Sunday, June 19, 2005

Chinese Almond Drink Ad at McDonalds

Posted by: hcpen1111
Chinese Almond Drink Ad at McDonalds
It seems that Chinese food is really popular in Japan, besides Chinese restaurants being found everywhere, and i mean literally everywhere, from your neighbourhood Chuka Ryori Ten to the upper class restaurants at sought after locations such as Ginza, Aoyama, and Odaiba.....Not only is Chinese food popular in Japan and located EVERYWHERE, Chinese desserts are very popular too...there is now a book on Chinese desserts shops and also as evidence of the popularity of Chinese food, Annin Tofu (a type of Chinese dessert) is popular in some Izakayas and McDonald's now sells Annin Drink also for a special period....I also saw a fast food chain selling Chinese GuaPao which shows how popular Chinese food is with the Japanese.....which is good since Japanese food is popular in Chinese-speaking areas such as Taiwan, HK and Singapore also.

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